With all of the running around in the preparation for the wedding it is very easy to forget to include the morning of in your preparations! Today I share the Wonderful Wedding Morning Advice For The Bride I used on my wedding morning and use for all my amazing brides on their wedding morning.

Your Wedding Morning Prep Can Begin The Night Before !

  • Bed Time – Don’t stay up to late ”Midnight” is a good cut off time !
  • Alcohol – Take it easy on the alcohol consumption to ensure you have a good nights sleep.
  • Dinner – have a substantiale meal keeping in mind that protein is good to promote a good nights sleep. You might like to avoid spicy & raw foods just encase!
  • Hydrate – drink lots of water to ensure you keep hydrated.


Bedroom Styling:

While you will put great effort into the wedding from flowers to entertainment to food don’t forget the bedroom /space you will be using the morning of the wedding! Remember the first place your photographer will snap you will be your bedroom! The bedroom can be styled to reflect your personal taste and provide a lovely backdrop for the photographs.

Some must-haves:

  • The bigger the space the better for you & the girls getting ready!
  • Lots of natural day light is a must
  • Flowers
  • Scented candles
  • A full length mirror
  • A dresser/work top for the hair stylist & make up artist to work from
  • A mannequin to display your dress on
  • Drinking water


First Thing Wedding Morning:

Fresh Air – consider a walk /light jog to clear the head & get fresh air into the lungs

Breakfast – follow the fresh air with a healthy,wholesome breakfast.

What To Wear – remember whatever you wear should be front opening as opposed to over the head , a bathrobe is a lovely relaxing option particularly if you do not have to go outdoors !

Strap Marks – watch out for bra strap marks if you are wearing a strapless dress.

Final Check – one more check that you have the dress,veil,shoes, jewellery & your special perfume ready to go!



Get the music on & let the preparation begin. It could be a job for one of your bridesmaids to make a playlist with fun,meaningful and easy listening music.Ensure the room is at ambiance temperature not too hot and not too cold !


Delegate the job to the one your bridesmaids to check on the transportation on the morning ensure it has arrived on time and that what is ordered is in situ!



If you have a planner she will provide an itinerary for the morning ensuring all the girls are on time for their hair & make up and to keep you all on track!

Allow more time rather than less you don’t want to be rushed and want to ensure you have time for savouring the atmosphere of the morning. This was one of my favourite parts of my wedding day in fact I was so relaxed it made me late for my poor groom waiting at the top of the aisle!


With nerves it can be very easy to not feel up to eating but it is very important to make yourself eat/nibble on some healthy snacks . Have a selection of nutritious snacks such as fruit /nuts in the room for all the ladies to nibble on. Have some lunch couple hours before the wedding ceremony and before you dress /final lipstick!

A glass or two of bubbles is a must, a toast for the special lady and also great for settling the nerves!


Emergency Kit:

Don’t forget your bridal wedding day emergency kit.

Most importantly enjoy the morning don’t worry about any of the details leave it all in the hands of your planner /wedding party/venue and remember what is done is done what isn’t isn’t !


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