Wedding Veil Length tips are an essential for any brides-to-be or for the any bridesmaids that may be involved in the decision making for the bride.  You might be a pro at wedding dresses but never really thought too much about veils and all of a sudden you are faced with choosing what length your veil should be!

Shoulder length, blush length, waltz length will become new words in your ‘wedding vocabulary’ and is best to know what they mean.

Of course your dress boutique will be able to explain the different options and make the best suggestions but it’s always better to be familiar with the options available before you make this appointment.

Your ceremony location can sometimes be a deciding factor in this decision as you may go down the traditional route of Cathedral veil for a Cathedral ceremony and change into something less formal for dinner and dancing.

Wedding veil length tips

The length options available can vary and can range from Flyaway length – Royal length, but you well prepared once you know the difference between the following varities ;


Shoulder Length 25-30 “J&S Parknasilla 009


Elbow Length 25-30 “

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Fingertip Length  38-42″100


Hip /Waltz Length  35 “

wedding length tips

Chapel Length  90 -92 “

davinia & donal550

Cathedral Length 108-110 “

wedding veil length tips

Hopefully you are now better acquainted with wedding veils lenght styles available and we have noticed that most of our destination brides choose to wear the chapel and cathedral length styles for their weddings in Ireland.

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