We are delighted to share some of the hottest Wedding Trends for 2015 by Leading New York & LA wedding planner Annie Lee, Daughter of Design .


1) Fine table settings

The over-the-top arrangements are still out of style but what has replaced them is a fine table setting. Maybe an ornate charger plate, gold-rimmed stemware, hemstitch napkin,…

It’s these many little elements that collectively make a big design impact on the table scape.

2) Less cute, more sophisticated

Weddings are becoming much less “cute” and “adorable” and much more adult and sophisticated. Colors that might be mistaken for a sweet 16 are out and more elegant palettes like neutrals continue to be favored.


3) Doesn’t have to be matchy matchy

We’ve always hated the word “theme.” And in rebellion to that we often design each segment of the day completely independently of each other. The mood is different from the outdoor ceremony to the ballroom dinner so we adjust fittingly, with no loyalty to any color scheme or mood. Bridesmaids are no longer required to wear the same dress though please note it’s only important for the bridesmaids’ dresses to match the ceremony, after that they merge with the rest of the guests. For one recent wedding where the guests were segmented in 4 different rooms for dinner at an old UES members club, we outfitted each room in entirely different motifs. I believe they say Variety is the spice of life.

4) The wedding hashtag

The wedding hashtag has become a staple at most of our weddings.


5) Food matters!

Especially with my NY foodie clients we’re always using ingredients that are of the latest craze in the restaurant scene like farro the new “it” grain or shiso leaf, matcha, hen of the woods, cauliflower steak, and brussel sprouts.


6) 2 sets of musicians

Many of my couples have been hiring 2 sets of musicians for dinner & dancing. We’ve had a pianist on a grand piano take center stage for dinner before the DJ started for dancing afterwards or have had a specialty jazz group perform during dinner and then let a well-known swing band take the rest of the night away.


7) Bridal fashion – return of the ballgown

Fluffy, voluminous skirts are back. The ballgown silhouette is gaining popularity but notice that instead of the heavy silk satin of previous generations, they’re in a more airy tulle or the like that makes it a bit more romantic and not too rigid looking.



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