Keep It Timeless:

Don’t choose a style just because it’s this season’s trend remember you will be looking back on the photos in 20 years & don’t want to see neon colours and you as a curly wee in a meringue dress! To help you get started we share our Top Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Style.

Keep It True To Yourselves:

Your wedding style should reflect you & your fiancee’s personal style including how you dress,decorate your home & of course should reflect your personalities . When guests turn up to your wedding they should know it is your wedding not Louise & Joe’s ! Remember you don’t need to create style it is who & what you are. Your wedding style will infringe all elements of the wedding from dress to flowers to venue and all in between.

Prompt Questions To Get Started On Your Wedding Style /Theme: 

  1. What kind of venue do you envision your wedding taking place at? Do you see some of it being outdoors ?
  2. What kind of atmosphere do you want your wedding to have? A classic formal wedding or more casual affair or even chic cocktail?
  3. What are your own unique styles in terms of clothing, accessories, home decor?
  4. Is there anything in particular that you *must” have at your wedding,always dreamt of a castle venue, Cinderella carriage , fireworks ?
  5. Are there things that define your relationship which you would like to incorporate into your wedding? A joint hobby, a shared career, or a love for food or travel? 

The answers will help you understand wedding style & theme it is time to begin planning!

The Colour Palette For Your Wedding:

If your style is classical & elegant you might choose a soft,muted and timeless palette such as white/ivory/blush pink if your style is more modern your palette will be brighter & more of the time, in 2017 green will play a part! Pick your palette & commit !

Using Pinterest For Your Wedding:

While Pinterest is an invaluable wedding planning tool do try to have a good idea of your Wedding style and colour palette before embarking on pinning! With the volume of content on Pinterest it is very easy to become overwhelmed, confused and even unable to make decisions from the sheer volume of inspiration!

Choosing The Venue For Your Wedding: 

The venue can set the tone of your wedding style and the last thing you want to do is clash with your surroundings!

Before looking at your venue in line with your style imagine your wedding, if your style is classical & elegant a grand ballroom or luxury castle could be your venue. A hotel or ad hoc venue may lean towards modern and elegant while a boutique hotel says chic & avant garde.

Top Tips on choosing Your Wedding Style!

The Wedding Gown:

I would suggest not choosing your gown until you have established & decided on your wedding style. The venue and time of year will also help you decide what style of dress is most suitable.

Vendors For Your Wedding:

Your style should also play a part when choosing your vendors whether it be the photographer or band or transportation or stationery they should all reflect the panache,design & character of your wedding.

Last piece of advice for today don’t try to incorporate everything you love into your wedding even in the name of style it could become a circus !


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