Wedding Shoes { Fashion Friday }

There is very few of us that don’t suffer a little bit from shoe envy or weren’t influenced by Carrie Bradshaw or perhaps introduced to the world of shoes by her. Saving every last penny to buy that perfect pair in fact she would have probably put them before food.

Wedding shoes are big business but over the last few years the trends don’t seem to vary too much but a lot of brides know that the “girls” will be excited to see what shoes she choose for her big day and how they can complete the look!

The fact that your fiancΓ© will never understand why they cost so much and that no one might even see them ( depending on the length of the dress) is completely irrelevant because YOU know what your wearing and how it makes you feel.

Here are a few of my favourite shoe images that I captured over the past few years, it makes me feel like they are my own collection πŸ˜‰

As Carrie once said ” Hi! I’m not here right now but my shoes are, so leave a message …”


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