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Today we share our top tips to equip you with valuable Wedding Etiquette for Destination Wedding.

Choose The Date Carefully:

Consider a date that is not during peek time it will give you greater availability and provide better value for you & your guests . In Ireland peek season is July & August months which you might want to avoid.

Before confirming your date check with close family & wedding party that they can attend as once date set there is no going back and you don’t want to suddenly find your best friend or brother can’t attend.

Wedding Etiquette for Destination Wedding

Choosing Your Location: 

If choosing quite a luxurious wedding venue consider the option of some value accommodation close by for guests who don’t wish to stay at the wedding venue. Or you may choose to pay a supplement towards guests accommodation at the wedding venue.

English Speaking is advantageous and a destination wedding in Ireland certainly ticks this box.

Couple Pay For:

Ceremony & reception including food,beverage & entertainment.

As destination weddings can be 3 -5 day celebrations couples /family often host a welcome party, rehearsal dinner & some day trips.

Wedding guests attending a destination wedding will not be familiar with the roads /route you might like to consider transportation for the wedding day & perhaps airport transfers.

Wedding Etiquette for Destination Wedding

Guests Can Expect To Pay For:

Plane ticket & travel

Accommodation/Lodgings for the wedding celebration

Meals & beverages not part of the official wedding celebrations such as breakfast & lunches

If there are any guests especially part of the wedding party are experiencing financial difficulties you may opt to pay their travel expenses & lodgings.

When Should You Send Save-The-Dates:

Best to send out the save-the-dates as soon as you confirm the details.

9 – 12 months is ideal to provide guests with ample time to schedule travel plans and time off work.

With the Save the Dates include information about the wedding destination,a link to your website will provide all required.

Wedding Etiquette for Destination Wedding

How To Denote An Adults Only Event?

The same etiquette applies to a destination wedding as a home wedding. The invitation should be addressed only to those who are invited, if children’s names are left off, they are not invited.

While “adult reception” needs to be mentioned it is generally frowned upon to indicate on back up data. Consider friendly text on the website such “as space is very limit we cannot invite children.”

And you can let your parents and the wedding party know it’s adult only in case they’re asked.

Etiquette Rules That Apply To The Wedding Website & Social Media ?

Website & social media have allowed couples to get around wedding etiquette & convey information such as gift registry & child care.

Treat the website like a guidebook by including lots of information including lodging options, car rental, dress codes, climate, currency & of course the itinerary. To ensure people not attending the wedding are not bombarded with details you can set limits for social media. It can also avoid your professional photographers images being plagiarised by social media poor quality images.

 Wedding Etiquette for Destination Wedding

When Is Best To Send Out The Formal Invitations ?

Send destination-wedding invites two to four months ahead of time.

Don’t turn your invite into a magazine, emphasise the invitation itself as it sets the tone for the wedding!

List your wedding website in the invite giving guests access to all travel info, places to stay, transportation options & the itinerary.

Who Should Be Invited To The Engagement Party?
Only invite guests who will be invited to the wedding to the engagement party.

If the destination wedding is intimate, meaning only the couple and immediate families are attending; then it’s OK to have a larger celebration at home.

Wedding Etiquette for Destination Wedding


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