Today’s theme for our Wedding Style blog is celestial. We are seeing a rise in popularity for it with our couples and it certainly looks likely that it will be big in 2021. The style is chic, elegant, beautiful, while also being magical & mysterious. Take your guests on a road to infinity & beyond by following our Ultimate Guide for your Stunning Celestial Wedding.

Safiya & Tyler's Celestial Wedding


What better venue to choose for a celestial-themed wedding that one where you can see the sky? A transparent marquee set in a green space is the ultimate choice but you can, of course, create a celestial style in a regular venue also, particularly one with lots of natural daylight! A great advantage with a marquee is you have a blank canvas and can decorate from start to finish as your theme requires. While the clear roof marquee or venue is perfect to see the stars while still being inside, ideal background for a celestial dinner.

However, if transparent isn’t an option, another great choice of venue for a celestial wedding is a barn. It feels timeless while still being charming.  A bonus is that fairy lights look really good against the wood. The light effect will also work in a regular wedding venue.


A must-have at any wedding is a photo backdrop for you & your guests to take gorgeous photos against. For a celestial wedding, we suggest having a moon as your backdrop. You can either have a pretty modern one (see below) or the classic theatre decor moon, like the one in High School Musical!

To create the illusion of a night sky, putting fairy lights up is the best rick. However, we also really like the aesthetic of hanging big stars from the ceiling. It gives a modern touch to the fairy lights while being really cute & stylish.

For the table, we suggest a night sky colour scheme, with black, grey & white, or a galaxy one with blue, purple & gold (see below). Also, don’t be afraid to throw some details of your theme on the table, like big or small stars, maybe crystals & geodes for the mysterious side of the theme, & gold glitter to bring stars to your table.


Depending on which colour scheme you chose for your tables, we suggest you choose if for your stationery also. In line with the night sky theme, black paper with white text & the moon phases or constellation as decoration. For the galaxy one, a watercolour galaxy paper with gold writing & gold sparks decorations.

To keep your dining tables & guests in the theme, trade the traditional table number for constellation names.

Enhance your stationery further with some of the many quotes out there about the galaxy, the moon, the sky, etc. You can include theme on your invitation suite, including the table plan & menu cards, photo or top table backdrop, table decor, chair, decor, and more.


If you are happy to break with tradition when it comes to your wedding gown, you could wear a black wedding dress with gold embroidered stars. It is such a unique & gorgeous look! However, if you want to marry in white, we totally get it. A way to still incorporate your theme into your white gown would be to have stars embroidered on your veil. And perhaps change into a black dress after the ceremony for the reception!

For the groom, a suit in the colours of the galaxy could be a great choice. However, if you chose the more black & white celestial theme, we suggest a tuxedo. A galaxy patterned pocket tissue can be a fun detail to add to the groom’s suit.

Bonus: For your bridesmaids’ dressed, you could let them choose between different coloured dresses that represent the colours of the galaxy.


A tarot card reader at your celestial-themd wedding would be so in keeping with the theme, a great fun experience for all, and sure to keep your guests entertained. Ideally, they could begin during the cocktail reception & resume again after dinner!

Another great entertainment is to put a telescope at your guests’ disposal so that they can watch the sky & stars. Perhaps print some information about the constellations, the stars, etc. for your guests to know/guess what they are looking at.

To make for a great fun group wedding photo, give your guests a sparkler and have them surround you & your significant other. They will light the night sky like stars and look so good in a photo. The ultimate way to light up the sky is to have a fabulous firework at your wedding (subject to license).

We hope that you picked up some gorgeous inspiration for your Stunning Celestial Wedding. Check out more inspiration for a Celestial Wedding on our Pinterest board.

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