Your Wedding Invitations set the tone for your Wedding so important to take time in both the design and the wording.On the BLOG today I will share some Top Tips On The Wording For Your Wedding Invitations.

Traditional Invitations v E – Invitations

There is something very special and personal about receiving a wedding invitation by post so beautifully demonstrated by CECI’s stationery below as opposed to the E Invitation.On the other hand the E invitation is a very efficient, cost effective option.

Key Information

You can have the most beautiful designed invitations but if it lacks information /detail for your wedding it doesn’t serve its purpose!

The invitation should let your guests know who is getting married, who is hosting, the date and time, the location of the ceremony and reception, the RSVP details and the dress code.While back up information such as website /accommodation and so on can be included on a separate attachment.

Formal and Traditional Wording

The traditional & formal wording is based on the assumption that the bride’s parents are married and are hosting the wedding. The brides surname is not used with this text however if the grooms parents are co hosting the brides surname should be included.

Mr.and Mrs.James Menzies

request the honour of your presence


to celebrate the marriage

of their daughter



Dr. Michael Fleming

At St John’s Church,Cratloe,Co. Clare

on Tuesday 28th November 2017

at 2.30pm

and afterwards for a reception at

Dromoland Castle,Newmarket on Fergus,Co.Clare

RSVP by 3rd November 2017                                                                   Dress code

Croghan House, Adare, Co. Limerick                                                        Black Tie

Variations Of The Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording

Both parents are Remarried and Co-hosting:

“Mr. and Mrs. John Devoy and Mr. and Mrs. Jack O’Brien request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children…”

Both of the Brides parents are Remarried and are Co-hosting with stepparents

“Mr. and Mrs. Derek Lawless and Mr. and Mrs. James Menzies request the pleasure…”

If both sets of parents are jointly hosting:

“Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smith & Mr. and Mrs. Mark Franklin Jacobson request the honor of your presenceat the marriage of their children Heather and David”

Less complicated wording to cover variations including both sets of parents /divorced and new partners:

“Brian Doyle and Jenny Musgrave, together with their parents, request the pleasure of…”

Less Formal Invitation Wording

If the bride’s parents are hosting but you wish to send out informal /more modern invitations a wording option:

Mr and Mrs Anthony Capulet
invite you to share and celebrate at the marriage of
Juliet to Romeo Corbit
on Thursday 8th June 2017
at 2pm at Sheen Falls Lodge,Kenmare,Co.Kerry

Couple Hosting The Wedding

If the couple are hosting their wedding the wording can still be as parents hosting .

Formal “Julie (Morrissey) and Georgre (Osbourne) request the pleasure of your company at their marriage at…”


Informal “Julie and George invite you to celebrate their marriage on…”

Variations Of The Standard Single Card Wedding Invitation

Card 1:

Mr.and Mrs.James Menzies

request the pleasure of your company


to celebrate the marriage of their daughter

Sophia Anne


Mr Michael John Fleming

on Tuesday 25th April 2017

at two o’clock in the afternoon

Adare Manor Hotel

Adare,County Limerick


Optional to include here

“Reception Immediately following”

RSVP 15th July 2008                                    Black tie

Or you may outline the Reception on its own card:

Card 2:

Dinner and Dancing

Immediately following the ceremony

Adare Manor hotel

RSVP 15th July 2008                                    Black Tie


Please join us for a Reception to honour

Sophia & Michael

Immediately following the ceremony

Adare Manor hotel



_Accepts /___Regrets

RSVP 15th July 2017                                                     #1 Pine Ave,Dingle,Co.Kerry

Additional Invitation Wording Details

  • Invitations are addressed in black ink, preferably with an ink pen as opposed to a ball point pen(Calligraphy very acceptable).
  • The wording of the invitee on the invitation can be formal Mr and Mrs Alan Smith or less formal Alan and Rita Smith or informal Alan and Rita
  • Abbreviations should not be used with the exception of “Mr. and Mrs.” .If the word “junior” is used, it is written with a small “j”. If it is abbreviated it is written with a capital “J”, ”Jr”. Senior is not used with engraved invitations as the first person to have the name owns it.
  • The “Doctor” may be abbreviated “Dr” but more correctly is written “Doctor”. Doctor should be abbreviated to “Dr” when junior is abbreviated to “Jr” on same invitation.
  • Spell out all words on the envelope address although Mount and Saint can be abbreviated to Mt. and St.

Addressing The Envelope

  • Married couple with same surname: Husbands full name preceded by “Mr & Mrs” e.g. Mr and Mrs John Smith
  • A wife who has retained her maiden name & her husband on one line e.g. ”Mr. John Doyle and Ms. Ann Walsh”
  • Married couple with 2 different surnames e.g.: “Mrs. Carol Thornton ,Mr. Thomas Smith”
  • Unmarried couple not living in same residence.. send invitation to closest friend.
  • Unmarried couples living in same residence ..address envelope with ladies name first on 2 separate line..don’t write “and”
  • Same gender couples..address envelope alphabetically by last name
  • If inviting children, their names are left off envelope

Same Sex Marriage

Same rules apply. The host of the celebration (read: the financier) is listed first, following their partner’s information. If the couple is hosting, names are typically listed in alphabetical order.

Use the above examples as guidance.

 Additional Information To Accompany Invitations

  1. Wedding Website details
  2. Accommodation options
  3. Map & directions to ceremony & reception
  4. Separate Invitation to the Rehearsal Dinner & other non wedding day activities


If you have any queries on etiquette on your invitations drop me an email








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