Today we share some TOP Tips On How To Use Your Wedding Theme Throughout the wedding . Simple elements such as your wedding invitations, cake and favors are great ways to illustrate your wedding theme to guests not to mention an Irish Castle Venue “nothing says an Irish Wedding quite like an Irish Castle”!

Look Within Yourselves:

To get ideas for your theme ensuring it will reflect your personalities & style.To convey your story write down words & key aspects that you can attribute to you as a couple e.g. travel,sports,film,music,colours and your theme will soon become very apparent!


Take to pinterest for inspiration, it will very quickly lead you to styles, looks and themes that you like. Combine all of this great knowledge with your chosen venue and a favourite theme is sure to emerge. Check out our Pinterest Boards West Coast Weddings Ireland.

The bride puts a ball


Work with your invitation specialist to design your monogram. A monogram can be used throughout the wedding not only to create a sense of formality, but to set the theme,tone and place as well. From the invitation to the menu card to a lighting element on the dance floor to your napkins – all are possible with a fabulous monogram.


Can lead to quite simple but very effective theme elements such as tables named after golf courses or silhouettes of countries you have visited as table numbers. Oftentimes, the overall feeling of an event doesn’t come from the grand design elements, but from the many little ones. A number of those “small particulars” can be implemented on your place /escort cards, table names based on where you met, themed favours and of course your table arrangements. For the “Alice in Wonderland”- inspired wedding “drink me” tags, vintage keys and Mad Hatter-worthy tea sets will put you right on theme.

Table name

Escort Cards:

A great way to make an impact at your celebration is with an over-the-top escort card. For a seaside wedding, an clamshell box with the table number on a pearl inside or a golf ball with table number continue the theme of your event. However, you can use illumination for a modern affair perhaps an illuminated table so that light will shine through the escort cards & add some art deco florals. For the lace inspired wedding lace escort cards are an easy addition!

Colour Palette :

Do give some thought to your colour palette to ensure it represents your chosen theme as the wrong colour can alter the theme !

  • Black /white & gold for the glamorous Great Gatsby theme
  • Hunter Green for your Celtic theme
  • Blue & turquoise for your Seaside theme
  • Black & white for your New Year’s Eve theme
  • The very obvious but striking Red for your Love theme
  • All white for the classical,elegant theme!


Can play a very important & essential role in your theme.

  • The Great Gatsby theme feathers & sparkles can be incorporated in your arrangements & bouquets
  • For the vintage theme use ranunculus,roses & any of the country garden feel flowers
  • With an art nouveau and deco theme the calla lily will play a big role
  • For the very elegant wedding think anemone,peonies,roses & hydrangeas
  • A rustic theme will call for dahlias, succulents, hanging amaranthus & leaves

Rd low lush table centre piece up close

Food & Beverage:

A signature cocktail & some themed food items can be very tasty & novel ways to continue your theme. Work with your wedding planner or the food & beverage experts at your venue to come up with a signature cocktail, some themed hors d’oeuvres and dessert! For example if your theme is a Celtic Wedding your cocktail can be a slant on the shamrock shaker,leprechaun or the black velvet while the food can in corporate smoked salmon & lamb! For the Great Gatsby a pop of champagne is a must along with an oyster bar while lemon & Limes can do it for the summer theme!

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