The discussion on whether to invite children to your wedding or not can be a tricky one. While you & your fiancee may agree on very definite guidelines when family /friends with children learn of them they may not be so enthusiastic !Today we share some tried & trusted guidelines in our Tips for Having Awesome Children at your Wedding & show if you decide to include kids at your wedding festivities it doesn’t have to be a horror story.

Ceremony & Reception Or Just Ceremony !

Having decided to have children at your wedding next decision is whether it will be just for the ceremony where they can play a big role in the wedding party & part take in the ceremony or both ceremony & reception. If you decide on ceremony only you may decide to engage sitters to babysit during the reception, they can administer entertainment, oversee kid friendly food and of course that all important gift to thank them for their big role in the ceremony! One word of caution don’t invite some kids to ceremony only & others to ceremony & reception its probably best to do all or nothing!

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Decide Which Children Are Invited

If you decide to have children at your wedding don’t feel as though having kids opens it up to everyone under 13. Although it may seem tough to exclude, it’s perfectly fine only to invite children who are part of your or your fiancee’s family and or part of the wedding party. Get the word out to other people who have children that you’re sorry but you can’t include everyone as guest list is limited.

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Parents Need To Know !

Parents tend to make assumptions about their kids being on the guest list. Many assume their kids are invited so you need to make it very clear who is included. If you are inviting kids, adding the words “and family” to the invitation envelope indicates as much. If you aren’t including children to ensure the message gets across you may wish to include it on the general information /accommodation card with your invitations and or place it on the website . If someone RSVPs to bring children although you aren’t having them at your wedding, you will need to call them & break it to them gently due to limit space children aren’t invited. Alternatively you can have your wedding planner handle it they are sure to do a very diplomatic job of it on your behalf and remove you nicely from the situation!

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Managing the Children at the Reception !

If possible, seat all the parents and their children together at one table or at tables close to each other. While it might seem like a good idea to put all the children at a table alone, an unsupervised group of kids is the fastest way to go from elegant reception to madness.

Another way to keep the kiddie contingent under control is to engage a minder/sitter to keep an eye on them particularly during dinner. They can keep some order at the table,ensure kids eat and take the kids to the restroom or even supervise some outdoor playtime once they are finished eating as sure to be finished long before the adults.

In addition you could hire some entertainers to entertain the children once they have finished dinner ensuring they avoid the speeches at end of dinner when they can become quite bored!

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Children’s Goody Bags

Their purpose can be two fold thank you for taking part in the bridal party and a source of entertainment! Ensure the toys & games make minimum noise & don’t require close adult supervision.

  • Disposable Camera ideal for the older children
  • Colouring book & Colours
  • Bubbles
  • Play Doh
  • Sticker Books
  • Lego /building blogs
  • Mini board games for the older children
  • Sweet Treats
  • And of course the packaging is all important !

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