The wedding gown is such an evocative symbol of the bride and occupies a unique moment in your life. Today I am sharing our Top Tips For Choosing Your Beautiful Wedding Gown.

Know Yourself:This is the time to pick the best silhouette for you not the trend of the moment! If you have an idea of what you would like but unsure what it will look like on you the first dress shopping appointment will quickly establish this.

Remember the Top of the Gown is what is seen most on the day! While the style of the wedding will play some part the most important is that you look & feel comfortable in your gown and it frames your best qualities but doesn’t distract attention from you the person!

choosing beautiful wedding dress

Budget for your Wedding Gown:The gown will be the largest single purchase for your wedding so ensure you have it included in your over all budget ! When you visit the designer or boutique to choose your wedding gown you should have a clear idea of your spending power!

Early Appointment for your Wedding Gown Shopping :Make appointments well in advance of your wedding day as wedding gowns can take up to 10 months for design,creation & delivery whether purchasing from a bridal salon or having a bespoke gown created. In addition I advise to visit the salon early morning to avail of the least busy time of the day & you will find the assistants at their best!

Camera: Ensure your accompaniment whether Mum or bridesmaid has a camera /phone to take lots of photos assuming the boutique permits them as some designers don’t!

choosing beautiful wedding dress

Trying on Wedding Gowns : Feel free to try on  a number of dresses but perhaps don’t go over board as it can be confusing! There is a very good chance even if you try on ten dresses you will end up back at the first! I just tried on three & narrowed it down to two before making final decision with my bridesmaid & Mum !

You are best go without make up in fact some salons won’t permit you to try on with make up.

Be prepared that the sample gown sizes may not be your size as boutiques normally only carry 3/ 4 sizes but will pin etc. as required. From appointment one wear a good bra to make the most of your silhouette!

The Wedding Gown Shopping Day: While you do need to approach it in an organized fashion do try & be in a relaxed state of mind and make it a fun day with your chosen one or two. Less is more to accompany you as the more with you the less decisions will be made. Perhaps end the day with a gathering of your bridal party & some cocktails as opposed to taking them all shopping with you!

choosing beautiful Wedding Gown

Popular Wedding Dress Styles :

The Ball Gown with its fitted bodice & voluminous skirts epitomizes the fairytale princess bride think of “Emmanuels” dress designed for Princess Diana, Helen Rose designs for Princess Grace (Kelly) & Elizabeth Taylor. While the A line is a more modern pared back version of the ball gown & was worn by Audrey Hepburn for her first marriage.

WHO should wear: This style works well for tall & medium height ladies as well as pear shaped silhouettes. If you are planning on having a train the ball gown is the ideal dress style to wear with it .

choosing beautiful Wedding Gown

The Princess Line is a fitted dress cut in long panels without a horizontal join at the waist think of the current Queen Elizabeth’s “Primavera” dress & Princess Kate’s dress designed by Sarah Bruton, Alexander Mc Queen.

WHO should wear :The Princess line suits most body types & heights particularly good on tall curvaceous figures, this cut can also give the illusion of curves where they are only wishful thinking!

choosing beautiful Wedding Gown

The Empire Line is defined by its high waist just cut underneath the bust often gathering a full gown which drops to the floor giving an elongated silhouette. Celebs who wore this style include Kate Winslet who wore Alexander Mc Queen & Princess Charlene of Monaco wore Armani.

WHO should wear : The Empire line is a very versatile style which will flatter most physiques.

choosing beautiful Wedding Gown

The Mermaid & Fishtail typical of the 1930’s Hollywood sirens has a bias cut which collects in a pool as its hits the floor. The fabric drapes around the body quite often with no fastening or openings. Modern day royal bride Sophie Rhy – Jones wore a Samantha Shaw designed fishtail coat dress.

WHO should wear: It works best on a slim or athletic physique

choosing beautiful Wedding Gown

Finally not forgetting the Mini /Ballet Length very popular among celebrity’s including Audrey Hepburn for her 2nd marriage, Mia Farrow, Yoko Ono & more recently Keira Knightly who wore a ballet length gown.

WHO should wear: The mini dress is ideal for ladies with petite figures(& good legs!) but not necessarily very skinny while the ballet is more flattering if you are more curvy.

Top Tips for choosing your beautiful Wedding Gown


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