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Brides, are you searching for the perfect Wedding Attire for your bridesmaids? You are in luck, today, we share with you our Top 10 2020-21 Bridesmaids Trends! From already existing ones that are still rocking the aisle in 2020-21, to new ones that deserve attention, we have everything you need to choose what your girls will be wearing for your Big Day!

1) Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are already a hit for women in their everyday lives. So it is no surprise that bridesmaids would be wearing this type of dress! They are elegant and flattering on any type of body shape, and most importantly, incredibly comfortable.

2) Tea-Length Dress

Just like the wrap dress, we are familiar with tea-length dresses in our everyday life. Which makes it a really good choice for your bridesmaids as they would be able to wear it again after the wedding! It is a good style for a warm wedding summer, as this style of dress is light, while still being formal.


3) Flutter-Sleeves

We know that bridesmaids aren’t always comfortable being bare-armed. But we also know that having a dress with sleeves can be confining. Flutter-sleeves are a great alternative, as they are often made from soft and breathable fabrics that keep the dress from being too heavy.

4) Off -The-Shoulder / Cold Shoulder

Off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder dresses have a modern look to them, while also being very flattering and easy to wear. It gives a boho vibe to any gown you choose. But be careful! If it is a religious ceremony, you might want to bring something (e.g. a shawl, jacket, etc.) to cover your shoulders in a house of worship.

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5) Halter-Neck

This trend exploded after Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s wedding! While also being a trend for wedding dresses, brides often choose to have their bridesmaid wear halter-neck dresses. As with off-the-shoulder, your girls may require something to cover their shoulders for the church.

6) Velvet Dress

Velvet is making a strong comeback! We have seen that it is also a trend among men for their wedding attire. If you are having a winter or fall wedding, this trend is for you. If you are unsure of the colour, we suggest jewel tones. They look so good on velvet dresses.

7) Patterns & Prints

Would you like your bridal party to look unique? Pick dresses with fun patterns & prints! You can have so much fun with this trend! You could mix & match the patterns for your bridesmaids to feel unique. Or you could find contrasting gowns that have the same print to keep the theme going.

8) Embroidered Dress

Embroidered dresses are a modern turn on the classic bridesmaid’s dress. It is such a great way to add texture, colour and uniqueness to your girls’ dresses! You could also choose to have the same embroideries on different types and shapes of dresses so that your bridesmaids can choose the dress that suits them best.

9) Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a growing trend in the wedding sphere. With more and more designers adding them to their collections, brides have plenty to choose from for both themselves and their bridal party. In addition to being a very stylish and modern take on the classic bridesmaid’s dress, it is also really comfortable and easy to dance in.

10) Tailored Suits

Wearing pants instead of a dress is one of the biggest trends fo 2020-21 in the wedding sphere. We have seen it with brides and now we are seeing it with bridesmaids. To be fair, it makes any wedding attire look sophisticated and timeless. With this trend, it is even easier for brides to have multi-gendered bridal parties, and we are loving it!

We hope you found what you were looking for and that choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses will now be easier.

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