boudoir wedding gift

Struggling to come up with the perfect wedding gift for him? Well, why not discuss the option of a Boudoir shoot with your wedding photographer or find a studio that specialises in these. The perfect opportunity to capture your inner diva and it will be the perfect wedding gift that will certainly have the element of surprise!

boudoir wedding gift

Planning is the key to this ‘gift’ especially if you need to do it when he is at work or away on business. If you are having a hair and make-up trial it would be ideal to plan these around the shoot time or alternatively some studios offer this service as part of a package. From years of working with brides who have given this as a wedding gift, we have a few key points for you to plan “the perfect wedding gift for him”.

1 – Be yourself and find a photography studio that you are comfortable with and understands what you want to achieve.

boudoir wedding gift

2. Discuss how many outfit changes or accessories that you should bring with you and research looks that you love( here ). If you purchase new outfits, store them away until after the wedding. Some brides-to-be use their veil and wedding shoes but we also suggest that you use something from his wardrobe too! wedding gift 3. If a glass of bubbly is included in the price make sure you arrange a friend to drop you off and collect you.

wedding gift

4. If you have any body issues discuss this with the photographer and find poses that work best for you. Remember that we are our own worst critics.

wedding gift boudoir wedding gift

5. Relax and go with it, you will look back at these images for years to come and wish you still looked as good 😉

6. Most importantly ladies, you know him best so make sure you wear lingerie that he loves. Introducing very new outfits or looks at a Boudoir session can sometimes leave him wondering why you have never worn anything like this before.

“Just viewed those photos and I have to say I was a bit nervous! I absolutely love the black and white shadow photo of me holding the glass of champagne- I don’t think I would have ever thought I could look that sophisticated and sultry in a photo- or that I would ever want to hang something like that- I thought maybe I would hang a photo in the bathroom or the bedroom but now I want it in my hallway!! 🙂 In fact I am so happy with that photo I would wear it as a t-shirt going into work.”

Have a great weekend and we hope we inspired you to think outside to box to find the perfect wedding gift for him.

Ev xx

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