Depending on the type of honeymoon you have booked ( city break, sun, safari) there are a few essentials every new bride will need to pack.The key to packing for your honeymoon is that you can never be too prepared or too organised.


I always roll garments and they remain crease-free, shoes at the bottom of the case, clothes in the middle and toiletries, hair straighteners, chargers etc on top.luggageYou will need a carry-on bag/tote for your bits and bobs for the flight, magazines, books, lotions, headphones etc. This bag can double as a beach bag.

Always pack some of his clothes in your bag and vise-verse in case any baggage is lost.luggage6Travel in light clothing and shoes that can be layered if you get cold or removed if you get too hot. We are sure you have some stylish new outfits for your amazing holiday but we suggest a few items – 

 Little black dress ( Her) /  Sports Jacket ( Him)

 2 swimsuits/bikinis / 1 pair swimming trunks ( Him)

1 pair of Trainers ( Her/Him)

Sunhat that can dress up any casual wear ( Her)

Bras ( strapless and otherwise )


honeymoonOnce you arrive safe and notify your loves ones, turn your phone to airplane mode. This way you can still take photographs and videos but you are not posting every single second of your honeymoon on social media. This is supposed to be just the 2 of you after all!


Quick Checklist –

  • Airline tickets and boarding passes, if you are using your smart phone to show your boarding pass, make sure it is ready when you are called for boarding.
  • Passport/Visa
  • Drivers License
  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Money/traveller checks
  • Confirmation details for any bookings or reservations you make have.
  • Medical Insurance details (proof of any required vaccinations)
  • Photocopy all-important documents.
  • Zip lock toiletries and ensure the correct sizes are brought on-board.
  • Label your luggage inside and out.
  • Notify your credit card and mobile phone company that you are going on honeymoon to avoid any surprise fees.
  • Bring essential over-the-counter medicines with you ( anti-repellent, anti-diarrhea, allergy meds etc)
  • Camera
  • Sun lotions
  • Electrical adaptor
  • Birth control

Hope this has helped you and as always if you need any help contact us today on info@westcoastweddingsireland.com and why not include one of our amazing elite partner venues as part of your honeymoon plans.


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