Nothing screams Celebration more than fireworks and sparklers.Not only are they dramatic, WOW and fun, but they add a great sense of occasion to a wedding.On our Blog today we share OUR TIPS FOR HAVING SPARKLERS & FIREWORKS AT YOUR WEDDING.

Of course a firework display can be pricey, but if budget allows they are an amazing addition to your wedding day.If budget doesn’t permit sparklers will add that extra oomph to your celebration.Today we share our tips for having sparklers & fireworks at your wedding in Ireland.

Kissing under the sparklers

SPARKLERS in your Wedding:

Send Off For The Bride & Groom

Sparklers can be used to give the bride & groom a send off although at an Irish Wedding the bride & groom don’t usually leave and can very often be last to bed! Party all night in Ireland!

Ceremony Recessional

Gorgeous as part of the recessional at your outdoor ceremony but don’t forget to have lots of matches for your guests to light the sparklers!

Wedding Cake 

The cake is an ideal prop to add lots of sparkle,the waiters can wheel out your cake with a sea of glowing sparkles.



Sparkler packs, with a couple of sparklers in them, make great favours, as well as letting the party know what time to light them.

Look for extra long sparklers so that they last long enough for some fun photos.

Save The Dates

If you’re planning to feature sparklers at your wedding, why not introduce them with your save the date, so your guests know to expect a little sparkle.

Sparklers sign

FIREWORKS in your wedding :

Approval /License 

While firework displays are permitted at lots of venues & locations in Ireland the importation of fireworks into Ireland is subject to a license. The company supplying the display will look after this but don’t fully count on your display until approval has been granted.

Ensure the company you are using has a good reputation & ideally have done a display at your venue previously. It ensures they will know where a display works best avoiding pitfalls such as wind traps .

Some estate venues may not permit fireworks due to animals on the estate or close by.

Firework display for your wedding

Best Time To Have Fireworks

A shorter fireworks display time works best. A short high octane spectacle is more effective than a longer more sombre display.

There maybe a time restriction in some villages /areas i.e. they must he complete by 9pm. Remember if you are hoping to have fireworks during the summer month if there is a cut off time of 9pm it won’t be dark so fireworks maynot be feasible.

Special Effects
Designer special effects can include fireworks set to music and colour themes.While more novel & personal effects include the bride & groom initials/ names, a love heart,monograms and columns of fire fountains for the couple to walk through.FireworksWeather

Fireworks can take place even in the rain. Guests can view from an indoor vantage point or some may choose to head outdoors with an umbrella.


Ensure you tell your photographer if you are having sparklers /fireworks to ensure they capture all the sparkling moments!


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