The table scape is the crown jewel of Christmas day celebrations. It is normally the focal point of the room & also the place where guests can spend the most time pending on how long the group linger after dinner ! Today we share “Michelle’s Top Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Day Table“. There is wonderful scope to create a beautiful table theme from Luxe to Glam to Contemporary or just a wonderful Christmas Classic. I always consider the table as the reception ambiance,it set the scene for the day!

Michelle’s Top Tips For A Beautiful Christmas Table Scape :

  • Decide on a style /colour for your table in keeping with your dining area.
  • Ensure the table will hold the number of guests attending & ensure your décor items still give space for the essentials crockery/condiments/glasses and so on!
  • Keep in mind the colours of your crockery /cutlery /style of glassware & the availability of the décor items to create the vision whether from your own bottom drawer or you are going to!
  • Choose your table linens / place matts and maybe charger plates which can really finish a table.

  • Lots of candles a MUST, they create a beautiful ambience with lots of warmth and seasonal glow for your table /room ! Remember even if it is light when you are having Christmas Day Lunch /Dinner chances are by the time mains are served darkness will be in!
  • Create a focal point for your table. Use a centrepiece such as a flower or candle arrangement to tie the whole look together. But where possible avoid anything in the eye line of the guests ie opt for tall or low so guests can see each other across the table!
  • Glassware can really add to the table scape, if space allows put on wine & water glasses.
  • Ensure each guest has enough elbow room to eat comfortably!

  • Simple favours such as a scratch card(lottery) can be a great ice breaker
  • Create theatre with Christmas crackers and again they add lovely sparkle to your table and you might like to buy them in your Christmas table colour palette .
  • I suggest that place cards are a good idea if you are having a large dinner party!
  • If time permits do a dry run of your table scape few days prior to ensure it all comes together visually and everything fits !!

Decorating Sideboards /Console Tables 

You can continue the Christmas theme by decorating your sideboards,the kitchen island & your console tables using glass vases & baubles as our images below illustrate. For something little more contemporary use twigs and baubles, which is also an option for a Rustic look just use brown twigs /foliage and green baubles! 

On behalf of myself & all the team at West Coast Weddings Ireland I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas .


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