Music can make or break your wedding day! Music is the heart & soul of your reception and can very often give a wedding its rating! So the big decision of Live Band or DJ for your Wedding in Ireland needs careful consideration,remember you are hosting the biggest party of your life so you want guests going away saying it was the BEST!

First dance


Once you have decided on music as a must for your wedding the next very important decision is whether to have a LIVE BAND or DJ although if having a wedding in Ireland you may require both as we do like to party all night!

Ask yourselves which suit your personal tastes, your personalities, guest demographic, budget, and venue. The way in which the music is delivered live or by a DJ can have an effect on the ambience and the expectations of your guests.



Are you looking for a very wide genre of songs which perhaps a live band won’t be able to cover but a DJ can as they can provide almost any song. A DJ’s play list can be customized while very often a bands will be quite set with few exceptions.



There is quite a difference between the cost of a DJ and live band, a DJ will normally be less expensive. A bands extensive set up may cost you having crew on site for few hours prior to the reception.

The trumpet


The DJ can provide almost any song you would like for your first dance from Sinatra to Celine Dion to the Lumineers play.On the other hand the band may have to play your first dance  on an IPOD unless you choose one of their first dance songs which may not suit your taste!

First dance


The live band have the ability to reach out to even those that don’t dance! A Band has a great presence in your reception room and a good band playing fantastic real live music puts terrific oomph & extraordinary  life into your reception.

Dancefloor full !

Pros – DJ

If you prefer to hear songs in their original format the DJ is the one for you . Why not let your guests listen to the real Mr. Bon Jovi, in a crisp, precise studio recording ! A DJ will fit into a very small space with little time required for set up.

Whether you choose a Live Band or DJ for your Wedding in Ireland ensure to take the time to go listen to them playing live at another wedding, to make certain you like what you hear! It also gives you a chance to check on their set up (avoid TACK!), their attire and most importantly their interaction with the crowd !

Happy Dancing & we look forward to hearing from you to get the planning started!

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