Whether you’re going halfway around the world or just two hours down the road, getting your wedding dress to the Wedding Destination safely is imperative, outside of the legal documentation it is the next most important item ! Today we share our Tips on “How to transport my wedding dress to the destination”

How to transport my wedding dress to the destination

Courier /ship in advance

I do not advise that you ship your dress to the destination or your wedding planner in advance encase it gets lost. There is also a chance that you can be charged import taxes by customs on arrival into Ireland or elsewhere.

Traveling by Plane

ALWAYS carry your wedding dress on the plane as hand luggage. Here is where you can play your “weddingcard”! Most airlines have closets in first & business class for guest use so if travelling in this section you are sure to be able to store the dress well. In standard class the cabin crew may have access to one that they will let you hang your dress in for the duration of the flight. Call the airline ahead for further information.

Ensure to label the dress with your name & contact details.

How to transport my wedding dress to the destination

Buy it a Plane Ticket

If your dress is very large & budget permitted you could purchase a seat for it!

If there is no cabin space available:

There are garment bags and boxes especially designed for these scenarios. First, make sure that your dress is surrounded with acid-free tissue paper. If it is a large, voluminous dress, pack it in a zipped garment bag, fold the bag in half and place it in the overhead locker. If it is a little smaller and can be folded over more than once, consider using a box to transport it, as long as the size will be accepted as hand luggage. Never try to check it in!


Again, surround your dress in lots of acid-free tissue paper and place it in a garment bag and if there is room, lie it flat in the back seat of the car. If not, fold the garment bag in half and place it in the trunk of the car.

How to transport my wedding dress to the destination

When You Arrive at your Destination

Airport Transfer

Ensure the mode of transport from the airport lends itself to transporting the dress along with all your other luggage.


There will have been some wrinkling of the wedding dress & veil material no matter how you packed or transported it. In advance check with your wedding planner or the wedding venue where best to have the garments pressed.

Most hotels will have the facility to send our your dress for steaming /pressing but be sure to action it on arrival. Ensure the dry cleaners is one that’s specializes in wedding attire.

How to transport my wedding dress to the destination

Steam or Press

It is important to check with your designer or assistant in the bridal dress boutique on what method to get the wrinkles out at your destination. They will advise whether steam or press is best.


Bring a travel steamer with you which you could use for your dress if it wasn’t overly creased. The steamer could also be used by the bridesmaids & the guys! Ensure to test the steamer on small patch before getting to work.

How to transport my wedding dress to the destination

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