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Having been a bride myself I am very aware how stressful it can be so today I bring you my Top Tips on How To Survive When You Are A Bride!

Survive when you are a bride 

Budget Management

Plan the wedding you can afford not a Hollywood extravaganza remember it is one day!

Be Organized

The single most important factor of wedding planning is to be organized. It will help you reach the aisle relatively stress free.

Survive when you are a bride 


Don’t become bogged down in trying to do everything yourself “Delegate, Delegate, Delegate”!

Wedding Party Selection

Choose your bridesmaids carefully and wisely but no worries if it doesn’t quite work out. Try surrounding yourself with friends & family who are positive minded, willing to adapt, reliable and will be an asset on your big day not a hindrance.

Survive when you are a bride 


Best not to engage a vendor without a good reliable reference or better still sampled their wears. Get all agreements in writing.

Stay Cool, Calm & Collected

Count to ten & take a deep breath when someone annoys whether it is in the lead up or on the day!

Be prepared for one or two things on the day to not go so right from the weather to the flower girl marking her dress just before walking down the aisle!

 Survive when you are a bride

People Pleasing

Remember it is your day not anyone else’s so you do not need to do too much people pleasing! Although is important to be sensitive & respectful of family views and expectations particularly if they are contributing financially!

Wedding Free Zone

Ensure to have date nights with your soon to be husband that are Wedding Free! Go to the movies or enjoy a shared hobby or have dinner but just ensure it remains wedding free! Talking about the honeymoon is perhaps allowed!

Survive when you are a bride 

Keep a diary!

Document all the planning & happenings it will be a lovely memory in years to come!

Its not about the Wedding it is all about the MARRIAGE

While the wedding itself is a celebration of the marriage the most important element is the actual marriage! It is a life commitment,intimate union and equal partnership that will hopefully see you spend a very happy lifetime together.

Survive when you are a bride

I hope this gives all you #brides to be a little something to keep you sane through your wedding planning and of course on the day xxx

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