A Nautical theme for your wedding is perfect if you have chosen to get married during the summer. Also, it is a broad theme with which you can have a lot of fun! Today, we share with you How to Plan the Perfect Nautical Wedding. We will take you every step of the way, from the ceremony to what to wear on your wedding day.


The Venue

When it comes to a Nautical-themed Wedding, there are lots of venue choices, especially in Ireland! They include the classic beach/waterside wedding ceremony, with an indoor back-up in case it rains and indoor waterside venue for the reception or a full indoor wedding at a waterside venue. Or a more authentic, low key venue like on cliffs, a boat or even on a piers.

Another idea is to have a venue that is a blank canvas, such as a marquee. You can style & decorate it in the nautical theme throughout and even choose to have it near the water /a beach.

The Transportation

If you are having your wedding near the water, arriving on a boat is really in keeping with the theme. Whether it is a sailboat or a speed boat, it will be a lot of fun!

Another great option, if arrival by water is not a runner, is a VW Kombi! It has a vintage vibe to it, but it is also beachy as it is seen a lot transporting surfboards, especially in movies.

The Decor

In terms of styling & decoration, the nautical theme has a lot to offer. From an under the sea theme, with dried starfish & shells, to a sailor theme, with ropes & anchors, you have plenty to choose from.

What we love to see at nautical-themed weddings are old boats, oars, life preservers, among other things. An old boat could serve as a shelf or as a seating plan holder, the oars can be used for signage, the life preservers as table names, etc. We also love the idea of using a crab box as a guest book where your guests can put cards for you & your significant other.

The Flowers

While there aren’t really any distinct sea flowers, except maybe seaweed, which we don’t recommend using in your bridal bouquet, perhaps use blue & white flowers. To incorporate a little bit more of the theme in the bouquet, you could use rope or a stripped ribbon to tie it together.

The Attire

For the Bride

A good idea for a nautical-themed wedding is to have a dress made from lighter fabric, like organza & chiffon. In terms of dress shapes, a bohemian-style dress is very nautical. Choosing a light blue dress could be a fun way to add more of your colour palette to your attire. For the shoes, flat & chic sandals or even going bare feet if the ceremony is on the beach and slip your shoes back on after is the way to go.

For the Groom

Choosing lighter fabric for the groom’s attire isn’t a bad idea either. Usually, the dress code for beach weddings is less formal, so the groom could wear a chic light coloured suit or just trousers & shirt.

The Stationery

To match your stationery with your theme, choose a pretty nautical calligraphy font. Printing anchors, shells, etc. on your invitation suite will tell your guests what the theme of your wedding will be. One small detail very in keeping with the nautical theme is to have the invitation envelopes wax sealed.

Using shells as place cards for your guests during the reception isn’t a bad idea either. It is pretty and goes well with the decoration. Plus, your guests will go home with a beautiful souvenir of your amazing nautical wedding!

We truly hope that today’s blog will help you find some inspiration for your nautical wedding.

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