Today we share some of our Top Tips on “How To Make Your Wedding More Personal” , from our vast experience overseeing some of Ireland’s most gorgeous and personable weddings.


Every decision made should reflect the style & personalities of the couple so when guests walk into the reception room they will say it is beautiful & so “Marie & Joe” !

From the choice of bouquet to your choice of cake every decision should be a personal one for the couple.

Unless having a wedding at your home chances are many other weddings have taken place in the venue so when the in house co ordinator mentions that is where we put the cake, think about it , would you prefer it somewhere else or perhaps you won’t even have a cake!

Your Wedding is a chance to celebrate how your two styles & personalities are fused together and so at one,a true reflection of what the day is all about.

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The experience from the smile of welcome of the ushers on arrival at the ceremony to the drink guests are offered at the pre dinner cocktail reception to the post dinner entertainment and everything in between all form the wedding experience for your guests.

Many people will have taken time out of their everyday life , cracked up big expense to be with you on your very special take so very important to ensure they are made feel welcome, considered, well fed and entertained !

If you are having a destination wedding it maybe as simple as a note in their room on check in to say welcome & thank you for coming!


While there are elements such as photography or the band that maybe very important to you if the guests experience is not good as you have decided to do an hour & half photo shoot  while guests stand around waiting for dinner this does not equate to a good experience ! Be careful when prioritzing your key elements that it is not to the detreimond of the guests !

But at the same time it is your day so the all important elements within reason should of course feature!

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Good food will equate to a great wedding in many of your guests eyes !

First off ensure your venue provides a high standard & quality of food before booking it, great if you have the opportunity to taste their food but if not ensure to check some references and that their reputation for food is highly rated.

Consider all options of food service including fully served,buffet, action stations & family style before deciding on one style of service as an alternative type pending the demographic of your guests and overall wedding style may suit the occasion better and give you that quite unique element you hadn’t thought about.

Choose your menus wisely of course ensuring your own preferences come into play but also consider the tastes of your guests i.e. an oriental or Indian menu may not go down well with lots of your guests who really only eat standard Irish cuisine!

For a destination wedding lovely to introduce some of the country’s cuisine into your menu giving your guests a great opportunity to taste some native food!

And don’t forget the beverages a glass or two of bubbley always goes down well with the ladies but if the budget won’t reach to champagne a good prosecco is very acceptable.

While wine with dinner is almost a must it doesn’t have to be Chateauneuf du Pape the house wines are perfectly acceptable just ensure to taste them in advance.

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If you are not engaging a planner do your own schedule for the planning and organisation of your wedding to keep you on track and ensure the experience is as stress free as possible!

Set deadlines for the planning & keep to them as otherwise you will get bogged down in decision making and things will not happen!

Most important do an itinerary for the wedding day, consult your in venue co ordinator for some input as they will be well experienced in items such as length of time to serve dinner, ideal length for toasts and so on. Ensure the day flows for you and your guests and try to avoid stressful gaps such as the band setting up for 1.5 hours by checking these details prior to the day! And if there will be a set up delay perhaps use this time to cut your cake & do your toasts .

Share the itinerary with the venue and various vendors such as the band & florist and most importantly share it with your best man & maid of honourCutting the cake


I appreciate you can be time poor particularly if you are trying to fit in a honeymoon immediately after the wedding but I can not stress how important it is to arrive at the destination 3-7 days prior to your wedding day particularly if there is flight travel involved!

You want to look your very best & feel your very best on the wedding day and to achieve this you will need to to be fully climatized & rested on your big day & arriving at your destination the day prior won’t allow this !

You want to be in tip top form, feel wonderful and glide through the day having the time of your life.
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Grooms should play a very big & important role in the day . Involve them in the planning and from my experience when a groom is given some tasks he relishes them and always get them done ! They can be invaluable in the decision making and a second opinion is always good to bounce ides off . Believe or not they do have an opinion on all things wedding particular the food & beverage and many will have a good eye for detail.Remember they too want things to look good and they of course want to look their best !



From clothes to weddings trends can be gorgeous but remember your wedding day shouldn’t be about trends it is about you so choose one or two that mean something to you and that fit your personalities & wedding style !

If the on trend naked cake doesn’t appeal & you really love the couture cake that is what you go for . And chances are if this is the cake that appeals your wedding will be classical & elegant so the naked cake may not fit in so well!

Trends date so remember if you choose the on trend wedding dress as opposed to a classic when you look back on your photos in 5 years time your dress will have dated !

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Vendors are most important remember they make the dream day a a reality! Ensure to acknowledge their services with a personal thank you on the day and a thank you note after the wedding. Tips for vendors in Ireland are not expected but always welcome . Ensure vendors like the photographer who are with you for many hours of the day are given a bite to eat & the hairdresser who starts at dawn a cup of tea /some breakfast!

Looking for that unique touch to your wedding make your wedding personal with all elements a reflection of your personalities!


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