Today we are going to share with you How to have a Legal Marriage in Ireland .The process for having a legal marriage in Ireland is quite a straight forward process in fact easier than lots of other countries around the world. And most importantly once you have gone through the legal process in Ireland your marriage is 100% legal and recognized all over the world.

How to do the Legalities for your Wedding in Ireland


Notice to Marry in Ireland :

All couples intending to marry in Ireland whether national or international are required to give a minimum of three months notice to the state of their intention to “Marry in Ireland”.

For couples living outside of Ireland the initial submission can be done on line but in order to complete the process the couple must serve notice in person in Ireland. This can take place up to five working days prior to the wedding date.

(All applications are subject to approval by the Registrar)

Alternatively I always advise if a couple are making a pre wedding inspection visit to Ireland that they complete their notice during this visit.

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Where can the legal marriage ceremony take place in Ireland :

  • In a church
  • In an indoor pre approved venue e.g. castle/hotel
  • Outdoors performed by an approved solemniser that perform legal outdoor ceremonies eg humanist

How to have a Legal Marriage in Ireland

Terms & Conditions include:

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • If either party have been married previously: They must hold a valid divorce decree & other documentation to confirm this as set out by the Registrar
  • The Solemniser: must be on the approved list of Irish Solemnisers
  • Venues: All venues for civil marriages must be pre approved by the Registrar
  • Application Approval :  All applications are subject to approval by the Registrars office

How to have a Legal Marriage in Ireland

Having co ordinated 100’s of legal marriages in Ireland for international couples we at West Coast Weddings Ireland are the experts to guide & direct you through the legalities. We will take all the stress,strain and worry out of the process for you and ensure you will have 100% legal marriage (subject to satisfying the criteria as set by the Central Registrar) !

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