Understanding the difference between a wedding venue coordinator and a wedding planner can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration. It will ensure you are not completely over burdened trying to organise your wedding whether its destination or at home! Read on for insight on How To Differentiate A Venue Coordinator From A Wedding Planner.

I am privileged to work with some of Ireland’s most amazing wedding venue coordinators at our partner venues. They are highly skilled, very professional people who always go the extra mile for clients. However we do not do the same job!

The Venue:

Your venue coordinator essentially works for the venue. There are the point of contact between the couple and the venue staff. This will incorporate the locations within the venue for your wedding, the overnight accommodation, food & beverage and basic ceremony and reception room set up.

While the wedding planner is responsible for everything associated with the venue and all of the vendors supplying & servicing your wedding from décor to entertainment to ceremony and of course most importantly getting you down the aisle on time!

Vendors :

The venue coordinator will provide a list of preferred suppliers for you to consider for your wedding. Your Wedding planners list is sure to be more extensive and they will tailor make options to your specific requirements. They will oversee the procurement and contracting of the vendors. And work with them all the way through ensuring your dream becomes a reality. The venue coordinator is not there to co-ordinate the decor or to double check that the guest coach has turned up your wedding planner will do all of this.

The Legalities & Ceremony:

It is not in the coordinators remit to guide you on the process for a legal marriage. A wedding planner will guide your through the legalities ensuring you end up legally married ! They will assist you with the order of service for your ceremony including format, music and timings.

Timelines For Your Wedding:

The venue coordinator will not be in a position to ensure that your carefully plotted wedding itinerary is adhered to as unlike the planner they cannot be everywhere. As a recent couple mentioned in their testimonial their guests said couldn’t believe how I could be three places at once ! With the exception of deliverables that the venue is providing such as meals and wedding space, the venue coordinator is not obligated to make sure that things are running to schedule. The wedding planner oversees everything from the time the bride wakes to sleeps! Is hair and make-up on schedule? Is the ceremony decor set-up to time and correct ?  A wedding planner is a life saver,acts as a behind the scenes director making sure that all the players know their parts.

On Call :

Wedding planners are normally available to you 24/7 in case of an emergency or a stressful bride moment ! Naturally a venue co ordinator is not available to you outside their working hours so issues may have to wait a few days to be addressed. If you are a busy couple Sunday at 3pm maybe the best time to communicate re your wedding !

Pre & Post Wedding Events /Activities:

Your wedding planner will assist you in the planning & organisation of all pre & post wedding events whether on or off site. They will handle the logistics of moving guests from A to B and back again!

Design & Style:

Your planner will be privy to your wedding design, will have played a big part in bringing the final plan to fruition. She will have co ordinated the mood boards,meetings with the vendors and overseen the final decisions on the style & décor made by you.

I cannot stress enough though what a crucial role the venue co ordinator plays in your wedding but if you would like that someone more , a person who will work with you & oversee the wedding from start to finish then a Wedding Planner is the person for you.

Hope this clarifies the difference between what we do as Wedding Planners & a Wedding Venue Coordinator!


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