Your Wedding is such an exciting occasion and the planning will have consumed your time for upwards of a year prior so it is no wonder many brides suffer post wedding blues, on their return from honeymoon, the anticlimax can be huge. Today we will share our tips on “How To Conquer Post Wedding Blues” a must read for all brides to be!

How To Conquer Post Wedding Blues

What are the symptoms:

Sadness,emptiness,boredom,isolation and loneliness are all reactions you may experience.

How do deal with these feelings:

This is a normal and understandable development after a big event particularly your wedding one of the biggest events of your life. Focus on what is happening after the wedding “your marriage” a lifetime with the person you love where the future may include a new home, children and many more exciting times. Not to mention getting back to giving your job its all!

Talk to your husband:

He may well have similar feelings but even if he doesn’t he will be very supportive and want to nurse you better! It is sure to bring you closer as you have included him in your anxiety.

How To Conquer Post Wedding Blues

Make your house a home:

While some couples will be moving into a shared space for the first time and all the excitement it brings for those who’ve been living together previously, it is a great time to refresh the space you already have. Something as small as changing the photos/paintings on your walls to make way for your beautiful wedding portraits or even clearing out and making space for wedding gifts can make a big difference.

Perhaps devote your lost pinterest time to home décor and styling leading to a new creative project to fill the wedding one!

Play a sport:

Resume your sporting hobby or if you haven’t one perhaps this is the time to start . Sport is an incredible way to keep active and busy.


Don’t be afraid to seek help what you are feeling is very real & quite common. It is amazing what 4 /5 sessions with a therapist can achieve helping you deal with the wedding blues and hopefully put them behind you as you embark on the rest of your wonderful married life.

How To Conquer Post Wedding Blues

Rekindle the relationship with friends and family:

Over the last year due to wedding commitments from food tastings to dress appointments to table plans and all in between you will most likely have missed out on visits and ladies who lunch outings with family & friends.

Date Night:

Keep the spirit of romance alive with regular date nights with your new husband. Coming up with unique, fun dates will keep you very busy !

Some ideas include :

  • Picnic
  • Dancing
  • Biking
  • Try new restaurants for dinner
  • Couple visit to a Spa
  • Surprise your partner with date activity

Make Travel Plans:

One of my definite post wedding blue busters was planning our next trip. “There is a whole world out to discover together”

How To Conquer Post Wedding Blues

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