Today we have a very special guest expert Dan Lawless,proprietor Lawless Flowers one of Ireland’s leading florist located in the West Coast of Ireland.We share Tips on “How To choose your Wedding Flowers by Leading Florist”. They are in such demand that they have brought their amazing creativity to the Irish weddings of couples from California to Sydney & everywhere in between,they are the Kings of destination wedding flowers in Ireland !

With access to over 3000 flower types on any given day, they buy directly from growers, fresh flower auction houses, and when seasonality allows they source Irish grown flowers and foliages. They only buy premium fresh flowers which ensures amazing visual impact for wedding flowers and their cold room for storage ensures amazing longevity of your wedding day flowers.Dan is familiar with all of our exclusive venues so the only florist for your West Coast Ireland Wedding!

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers by Leading Florist

How to select the best flowers in line with your wedding style and colour palette?

Visit your florist to talk through your initial ideas ensure to bring along pinterest boards,colour palettes & images to illustrate your ideas.

Having established your wedding style which could be classical, traditional, rustic or vintage we talk through the style with the bride & advise best flowers to portray the style.I like to think that your wedding style is a reflection & extension of your personality. I feel it is most important that a bride’s bouquet represents her style and can even be her favourite flowers if they are suitable for bridal work together with our suggestions will begin the wedding flower journey .

With regards to colour in line with your style you will have colours chosen but the florist can also help you here by advising on flower types and colours to match your overall style & colour palette.

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Do you think it’s is important to use the same flowers throughout ?

While the bridal bouquet sets the tone of the wedding flowers & quite often the flower and colour is carried through to the ceremony & reception with lots of additional flowers. Sometimes all three will differ in terms of flowers & even colour but they will have a common colour tone running through.

For the classic style it can work well to have the same flowers all the way through but for the rustic /vintage you would mix & match.Perhaps don’t go way off with your colours use various tones /shades from the same colour palette.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers by Leading Florist


Arrangement types for various Wedding Themes

A Glamorous Themed Wedding

Glamour is fairytale, we must supply enchantment.Candle light,crystal glassware,sparkling accessories fused with lush displays of choice / premium flowers, the lush delphinium, the rich hydrangea, eggshell peony roses ,and the magical stephanotis and much, much more. Glamour needs “more”

Table at an angle

A Vintage Themed Wedding

Vintage is charm,is the scent of night scented stock,green tinged guard petals of the blush pink rose,vintage is warm nigella otherwise known as “love in a mist”. Vintage can be soft shades of green, blue curiosa roses, great clusters of foliages and flowers in period cut glass vases,in jars, in buckets or in silverware. Vintage is also lace,lace wrappings on bouquets and vintage is also the “ subtle quicksand rose” which I love using.

Birdcage centrepiece

A Classical Themed Wedding

Great flowing displays of the classical country garden wedding flowers including roses roses roses, large open roses, spray roses, delphinium, hydrangea, anemonies, orchids, ranunculas bells of Ireland,lily of the valley, viburnum & aster.

The props to set these floral displays off whatever the theme are vital and gives Lawless Flowers an accent of difference.

Candelabra arrangement greens,amber,peach,red

What are the most important things to consider when choosing wedding flowers?

  • Budget : Don’t be afraid to share your budget with the florist as they will maximize the effect within your budget,they are best experienced to give you best buck for your money. Bride should spend what she likes on her bouquet !
  • Seasonal :While we can source most flowers all year around there are some which are very seasonal such as the most popular bridal bouquet flower the peony and the more out of season we look for it the more expensive it becomes !
  • The bride must like the flowers she carries, if unsure a trial bouquet or samples of the flowers in a vase on the kitchen table, will soon address this .
  • Colour or not!! Most brides will have a certain colour palette in mind but on seeing the vast array of flowers in our shop & on discussion with us have decided the complete opposite to what they originally thought. The great thing about choosing wedding flowers is exploring avenues of thought,to get the desired end product & it is worth the effort.
  • Linens/Furniture & Lighting if you already have ideas on what you are having advise the florist so he has an overall picture and will identify any clashes or enhancers with your chosen flowers.
  • For the bridal bouquet I always like to get a photo of the bride & the bridesmaids dresses

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers by Leading Florist

What are the most common wedding flower mistakes to avoid?

  • Brides choose flowers that they are not comfortable with carrying e.g. the bouquet is too large for bride & her dress, best to ensure bouquet is in keeping with the dress & not overpowering
  • Brides who don’t do research so important to look at photographs, magazines, pinterest & web. Get plenty of your florists input, they are the practitioner of his or her trade so use their wealth of experience.
  • Out of season flowers
  • Choice premium flowers that will take you over your budget

Table centre piece

What are the biggest floral trends at the moment

  • Lots of blue flowers, they are amazing flowers for vibrancy,oomph & that WOW factor.
  • The all time favourite is white / ivory and green it never goes out of fashion for the classic bride.
  • Some flowers always in vogue are the peony,roses & hydrangea while the lily of the valley & pink & white gypsophila are very big again this year.
  • Inserting photos & jewels in the bridesmaids bouquets extension of what used to be just for the brides bouquet.

Do you have suggestions for stretching the flower budget

  • Re use, re use, re use e.g. Altar / ceremony table display to the top table at reception. Pedestal arrangements from the church to flank the top table.
  • Less expensive flowers can also be used as substitutes, such as bouvardia instead of stephanotis & gyp is a great white or pink filler .
  • Add some less expensive flowers & foliage to displays to fill

Any Tips for a couple looking for something unique flower wise?

Every wedding should be unique, unique flower displays are very attainable, consider all your florists creative suggestions, I love being challenged by a couple to come up with something different. We access growers, variety’s of flowers and foliages from all over the world, so YES unique is very doable.

What flowers can a bride use in any season ?

Lily of the valley,roses & various lily’s are available all year round but we can source most flowers all year round.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers by Leading Florist


Where do you get your inspiration when creating new bouquets & floral arrangements?

Sometimes I wake up and get inspiration having spent time on a wedding proposal and I can find my new found thoughts are the required concept.Time,planning and thought give me the required inspiration based on consultation with the bride and groom. Once this is completed,we have the blueprint which is what I work from.

Dan shares some real insight…

It may seem strange on occasions I have supplied wedding flowers and I have never met or seen the bride, and she has loved what we created and supplied.It all comes down to understanding the requirements, design concept, and communicating well between both parties, then we “deliver” on the day .

While I personally like floral excess, its not something I push. Each wedding has its own requirements, taste, and personalities, I am merely an instrument to work with to create your dream, and I like to think we do it well. We are not shy of hard work and methodical logistics, fueled with our creativity and knowledge of flowers, we do “DELIVER “ the dream on the day .

Dan Lawless.

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