.Welcome to the hottest trend for your Wedding Reception “Food Stations for your Wedding Reception“. If you are looking to add something very unique & exciting to your wedding have a food station style reception.They will give your wedding reception an edge, a wonderful interactive element and take it well away from the customary arrangement!Wedding food stations

What Are Food Stations :

Food stations have all the variety a buffet offers, but without that cafeteria feel. You get chic presentation of plated dishes and the finer attention to ingredients of a sit-down affair.

A station-style reception is one where the food is spread out among different “stations” throughout the reception space. It can apply to the entire meal or just part of it . You could have it for appetizers & dessert while the soup & main is plated or you could have it for the full meal.

Hot sandwich station

A Full Station Reception :

A full station reception will include a variety of different stations.  These stations can include a carving station, a seafood bar, a pasta station and dessert station. The portions served at each station are typically on the smaller side, usually requiring just two or three bites to finish so smaller plates all around.Can be good as guests will not end up overly full & too tiread too party!

salad station

Combo Food Stations & Plated Service: 

If you would rather not have an entire food station reception you can opt for a combination of food stations & plated service . For example the appetizers, salad & dessert can be served from stations while the sorbet & entrees are by plated service.This could be a great compromise offering if budget is tight.

seafood ceviche station

Themed Stations:

A Food Station Reception is a great way to introduce a theme to your wedding. Perhaps theme it based on places you have visited together in the world.For example Italy – Pasta Station, India – Indian Station,England – Carving & Pies Station, Spain – Tapas Station & USA – Hot Sandwiches & Fries Station.

Burger & fries stations

Great Interaction :

Creative food stations are terrific crowd pleasers. The array of food provides that WOW factor, breaks down all barriers and wets the appetite ! Since the stations are spread throughout the space, guests shouldn’t have to wait in line for very long & they can always move onto the next station if necessary. This meal style also promotes a lot of interaction among guests.

Fruit & seafood station

Logistics For Food Station Wedding Reception:

If you decide on the station style reception ensure your venue has ample room to accommodate the food stations and most importantly that the kitchen has the capability to provide the variations in food. It may work out more expensive than standard plated services as you will need more serving staff /chefs to service the stations and more food to achieve the over all station look and style.

Wine & Cheese pairings

Pair Beverages with your Food Stations:

Add another dimension to your station style reception by introducing drinks to your food stations.

  • Caviar with Champagne
  • Seafood with white wine
  • Smoked salmon or gravad lax with frozen vodka
  • Pasta with a good Italian Chianti
  • Tapas station with a Sangria or Rioja
  • Beef carving station with a full bodied Bordeaux
  • Wedding Cake with Champagne

Pommery champ display

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