Before you begin styling your Reception check out our BLOG “Fantastic Tips For Styling A Beautiful Wedding Reception” to get you started.

Venue Capacity :

Check on the exact capacities of your venue particularly in terms of table type & size. Ensure you are aware whether the venue can take round tables or rectangular tables with your expected numbers. Styling for both of these table types can be different. If you have beautiful Hannah Jane Chairs in mind will they fit.


Most venues provide white linens but pending your style some coloured linen whether cloths/runners or napkins maybe the accent touch for your wedding reception. Lots of venues cloths are not full length,ideally dress your tables in full length clothes to hide the ugly legs!

Tableware :

When it comes to tableware the venue will most likely provide white crockery with clear glasses & silver cutlery. But your wedding reception may merit gold rimmed glassware & flatware with vintage china.

Mock up:

Do create a mock up of the dining table with all of the elements you are considering including your flowers. Then you can see what works well together and what revisions will enhance your table scape to the optimum.


Lighting is very important to create the atmosphere & complete vision for your wedding reception. When deciding on lighting colours & lighting style keep in mind the time you are sitting for dinner as obviously natural versus dark will have two different impacts on the setting. And keep in mind the lighting options for the post dinner party if in the same room. Pale tones can be too light in dimly lit reception spaces so you may need to introduce a strong colours for accent. Within the room itself something like the introduction of a WOW crystal chandelier can have an enormous impact on the overall look.

Table Decorations other than flowers:

In addition to flowers and the more obvious accessories such as charger plates & glass cloches think of novel table numbers/names, napkin folds and favours complementing your wedding theme.


To keep within budget prioritize the items that will make most impact when your guests enter the room. These include centerpieces, chairs and charger plates. If the charger plates are an extra consider sticking with the venues crockery to have the upgrade. Use the venues table cloths but upgrade the napkin choice. Ensure you can use at least some if not all of your ceremony flowers /props in your reception also.


While tall, luscious table centres maybe amazing on impact if guests can’t see each other at the table the conversation will be dead. So best keep centerpieces just below or above eye level. On each table mix up the heights of flowers, candles and accessories. You can also have varying centrepiece heights on the tables mixture of high & low arrangements.


No wedding reception can have too many candles and no where is this more important than on the dining tables. Use a combination of pillar candles, tee lights and even taper candles in glass. Obviously if using candelabras you will add a height to your candlelight and of course lanterns & hurricanes can play an important role in windows, entrances & around the reception room.

Layering :

To make your nice wedding table beautiful layer it. From your blank canvas build with complimenting linens, candles, flowers, stationery, at different levels and of course the all important chair. But don’t over clutter ensure there is space for the food & beverage!


You are all set now to begin wedding reception styling but any queries re do contact me :


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