Having organised 100’s of wonderful weddings we know lots about hiring the right vendors for your wedding. So on our BLOG today we share our Top Tips to help you hire your dream team “Everything To Know About Hiring The Best Wedding Vendors”.

Budget :

One of the first planning things you & your fiancee should do is to create a budget.Breakdown the budget into categories so you know how much you have to spend on each vendor.This will be a great guide when choosing which vendors to hire.

Style of Wedding:

Pending the style of your wedding different vendors may apply i.e. some florists specialise in vintage while others are more classical ,similarly the entertainment required at a rustic marquee wedding will be different to that of a luxury Irish castle wedding. When you check out a vendors website their style will very quickly become apparent !

Research Vendors Before Hiring:

Unless you have engaged a planner you must source the vendors yourself . So once budget & style set the research can begin.First stop Google which will lead you to vendor websites where you can establish their style, gauge their experience and check out testimonials.Pinterest & magazines are a must but particularly Pinterest as it will become a very valuable tool to help you create a visual of your wedding style/decor/theme ahead of meetings with florist ,bakers,linen /props hire and so on. Your venue will be a source of some recommendations based on vendors that have worked at the venue. Family & friends can also be a good source however do remember peoples tastes and standards maybe different to yours so what someone else terms as fantastic maynot meet your expectations!

Interview The Vendors:

Very important to meet or have a conference call with your prospective vendors before hiring them. In terms of entertainment I would suggest to go listen to them playing a wedding before engaging them. Along with accessing the standard of their work do focus on their personality are they people you would like to work with and trust with your wedding! This is so important in terms of the photographer who will be a big part of your day.


Do not engage any vendor without first getting references from past couples who have used them. The vendors should provide you with email addresses or phone numbers for some past clients so you can check in with them.Most importantly check with the referees that the service on the day was exemplary in terms of product,timekeeping and professionalism.


While a prime Saturday in August is not the ideal day to try negotiate price with your vendor they maybe open to a complimentary add on. Having a mid week wedding should enable wriggle room for negotiation on price and or complimentary add on’s.

Don’t Rush Decisions:

While you will want to get your vendors booked and may even feel under pressure that the good ones will be gone best not to rush a decision.This is particularly true for the big ticket items such as band and photographers. Lots of vendors will hold a date provisionally for a limited period giving you some time to make your decision. In fact I would suggest unless you are really sure from the outset to always provisionally hold to give yourself breathing time.

Seal The Deal With Your Vendors:

Check the contract before signing ensure it includes all of the important items including date/time/location/fee/payment terms & description of services ! If your vendor doesn’t issue contracts I would suggest sending them a confirmation that they can sign and return.

I hope today’s BLOG will help you source amazing vendors to make your dream wedding a reality. Or you can of course engage us to take all this stress away!

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