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Coastal wedding in Ireland is to true experience of what is available along our Wild Atlantic Way, and our newest elite partner & award winning venue Jack’s Coastguard Restaurant offers the ultimate in an Irish wedding on the West of Ireland.

From intimate weddings at their restaurant to large marquee weddings,a coastal wedding in Ireland comes into it’s own as there is nothing between you and the panorama on the Altantic.

Coastal Wedding In Ireland

“This magical venue is set on an idyllic shingle beach nestled in the Atlantic Ocean with panoramic views of the mountains and sea. A picture perfect backdrop…”

Our lovebirds on today’s featured wedding choose this setting for many reasons, it is home to Eoghan and both he and Niamh spend so much time climbing the surrounding mountains, swimming in the ocean and have a strong connection with this hidden jewel that is teeming with beauty and activity and only a stones throw away from one of Ireland’s oldest links Golf Courses, Dooks Golf Course. And this is where they are very lucky to call home, a dream for many.

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