Brides no need to obsess over your dress size, being fit & healthy will ensure the dress size looks after itself.Today we share our 8 Top TIPS To Get Fit and Wedding Dress Ready! The regime should match your lifestyle and most importantly one that you actually see yourself continuing post wedding!

Focus on gradual lifestyle changes rather than abrupt dietary restrictions and strenuous workouts. Your wedding should be all about you, so you want to set yourself up with confidence and strength rather than a stressful crash diet and overwhelming workouts.

A Personal Trainer

The personal trainer is not for everyone and many brides will be their own monitors & motivators. But for the brides who feels they are not good at disciplining themselves into healthy eating and exercising the personal trainer could be the trick. Not only do they guide on your exercise routine but they will also provide a diet & food plan. They will be a great motivational tool, as they will be constantly monitoring the results from your new program,encouraging you and revise program as you go along.

Wedding Dress Fit

  • The best overall exercise for toning your body is believed to be the Plank in fact it is recommended that you do at least one every day !
  • As a bride exercises for the upper body are crucial as chances are your arms will be exposed whether the dress is strapless or have short /capped sleeves!  Or the dress may have a keyhole back or as is trending right now an open plunging frontline exposing your upper body nicely!
  • Some other very good exercises for your arms & upper body include Bicep Curls, Pushups, Tricep Presses & Dips and Shoulder Presses.
  • Remember your body constantly burns calories, even when you’re doing nothing. This resting metabolic rate is much higher in people with more muscle. 
  • Effective over all bodyweight exercises includes squats, lunges & pushups. Mix in some cardio such as jumping jacks,running, swimming & mountain climbing to increase the calorie burn.

veil or no veil

The Diet For Your Wedding Day

  • Develop a food plan that will work for your lifestyle avoid lots of complicated menus if you are out working all day as you will just end up substituting with poor food on many occasions.
  • Pick a diet that will help you boost your metabolism.
  • Include lots of protein as the body burns more calories eating protein than fat /carbs. Replace fat & carbohydrates with protein rich foods such as fish, turkey, beans & eggs.
  • Cut back on the portion sizes by using smaller plates & bowls.
  • Ensure to allow yourself at least one weekly treat or even the daily square of chocolate if chocolate is your craving.
  • Plan your daily snack items so when you feel hungry whether it’s a protein shake, a homemade juice, piece of fruit or vegetable you have them to hand. Ensuring you will avoid reaching for that bar of chocolate or bag of chips.

How To Keep To Your Diet

  • Remind yourself constantly of your number one GOAL …to look fit & healthy on your wedding day
  • Avoid the temptation to overeat by dining at home more.
  • Plan your meals according to your new diet and shopping at the farmers market for the freshest ingredients.
  • Eating clean whole foods, nothing processed will make you feel good physically and mentally.
  • Spice up your meals as you are sure to eat food more flavoured than if it is less flavoured!


Your body needs water to process calories if you are evenly mildly dehydrated your metabolism may slow down. Water is also very good for your overall health, skin & wellbeing! Drink lots & lots of water every day.

Pitfalls of Some Diets

  • On Carb-Free diets you’ll drop pounds fast but cutting out carbs can trigger cravings.
  • Calorie Counting – Avoid eating less than 1200 calories if you are a women & 1800 if a man as this will have negative effect
  • Don’t skip meals as your body thinks there is no food & cuts down your metabolism to preserve energy & protect you!
  • Reminder again ensure your diet includes lots of protein!

I hope this will help get you started on your way to a fit & healthy wedding day body which in turn will have meant you are wedding dress fit !

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