You’ve chosen lots of personalised items for your wedding including your bridal bouquet, the monogram for your stationery and even the song for your first dance how about a signature cocktail which will be a very memorable personalised touch! Today we share our Best Tips for your Wedding Day Signature Cocktail. The signature cocktail is quite often served during the pre dinner cocktail reception but it can of course be served throughout the reception.Cocktail

For the couple who strive to create a unique experience for their wedding guests a signature cocktail is one of the great way to achieve this. To assist you with the challenge of creating a distinctive & tasty signature cocktail speak with the bar tender or even better if your venue has a mixologist. They will assist you with initial concepts and ingredient selection and provide some options to taste.

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Personalize Your Cocktail:

The signature cocktail should represent your personalities & can even be a twist on a cocktail you both like to drink. Serve two cocktails – one inspired by the bride and the other inspired by the groom! Creating a once – off cocktail will be fun!

Colour For Your Signature Cocktails:

Look to your colour palette for inspiration & it can be a good place for your mixologist to get some inspiration from! If black & white are your colours Kahlua is a great ingredient as it dark, the classic Black Russian with your own twist sure to get things off to a lively start. Keeping the black & white theme but with an Irish touch a Guinness cocktail. For the coastal wedding a beautiful turquoise signature cocktail could be the one.

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Best Flavours:

It is very important to have delicious, easy drinking flavours in your signature cocktail so the majority of your guests will like it and remember it for the right reason! You may need to expand your palate a little outside your normal tipple if the cocktail you drink is an acquired taste or is quite a strong tasting cocktail.

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Signature Cocktail for your Wedding Style:

For a very classic & elegant wedding you won’t go wrong with a champagne cocktail. Slim flutes of fizzy champagne are a wedding day icon! For a more modern & spirited wedding perhaps your very own twist on the Manhattan cocktail shaken or stirred! For the garden party a beautiful fruit punch ladled from small glass jars or Pimm’s Cup are ideal.


The Seasons:

Keep in mind the seasons when creating your signature cocktail in terms of flavours & colour. The mint vodka gimlet, orange blossom nectar and citrus fizz are ideal for a Summer wedding while the bicycle built for two a dark cocktail is perfect for the Winter wedding.

Operational Notes For Your Signature Cocktail:

  • Ensure your chosen cocktail can be made in large volumes and that it can be created relatively easily!
  • Keep the alcohol levels at a low level !
  • Non alcoholic version of your cocktail always worth considering for those who don’t drink alcohol and the younger guests.


Check list for getting started:

Brainstorm your favorite cocktails as a couple
Arrange a tasting at the venue to try out different variations
Start with a classic and add twists that represent your personalities
Give your cocktail a name

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