From years of working with some of Ireland’s leading florists and stylists I share some wonderful TIPS on choosing a Beautiful Wedding Bouquets for your Wedding in Ireland.


Your Personal Choice:

There are no right and wrong choices when it comes to your bouquet. It is a matter of personal preference just ensure they are beautiful & in bloom!  Keep your wedding personal choose a wedding bouquet that you feel reflects your personality.

Bridal Bouquet Influences:

Obviously the style of your wedding, colour palette and season will influence your bridal bouquet choice not to mention that all important dress & your body shape.All of which can be discussed with your florist who should be someone who is very experienced in wedding flowers!


Type of Bridal Bouquet:

Bridal bouquets come in different shapes, colours, sizes and styles: nosegays, cascading bouquets, pomanders, free-form, wired and hand-tied varieties. The style of bouquet can determine to a degree the flowers that will work best in it. If you have a favourite flower you would like to use in your bouquet the florist will advise on the best style of bouquet to incorporate it in, in line with your dress & personality!


The Flowers :

The classic flowers for your bouquet include roses, peonies, lily of the valley, hydrangea, orchid and calla lily but other more unusual flowers such as succulents, silver lambs ear, mint,hypericum berry & even thistle make for amazing,unique bouquets !


Seasonal Bouquet Flowers:

Choosing flowers for your beautiful wedding bouquet which are in season will ensure you have the very best quality flowers. It will also give you the best value as while you can source some wedding flowers out of season due to their travel distance & low availability prices can be prohibitive.

Bouquet .Lily of the valley

Wedding Bouquet Size :

Consider the size of your wedding bouquet when choosing . A large bouquet will not suit a petit bride and will not work for every dress style. While some dresses and brides shape/size leant themselves well to a larger bouquet . Remember you have to carry the bridal bouquet for much of the day so consider the size and comfort when choosing it.

knappogue castle

Research Your Wedding Bouquet!

Remember when it comes to your bridal bouquet knowing what you like is just as important as knowing what you don’t like. Do lots of research on beautiful bridal bouquets for your wedding in advance of meeting with your florist & bring lots of pictures to your consultation or share your pinterest board with them. Imagery is a great tool to help convey what you do and do not want your bouquet to look like.

The gallery on our website has lots of inspiration West Coast Weddings Ireland Inspiration Gallery and Pinterest West Coast Weddings Ireland Pinterest is another fantastic source of beautiful bridal bouquets.


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