If you’re just about to start dress hunting, then you absolutely must read our BLOG “11 Top Tips To Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress” first. Whether you have been dreaming of your Wedding Dress since you were five or never given it a thought finding the perfect wedding dress can be stressful and very time consuming.

Wedding Style

Your Wedding Dress will set the tone for the wedding as a whole whether it is a formal grand ballroom affair or more casual garden wedding.


Before you begin shopping have your budget set to ensure you don’t overspend and eat into the budget for other wedding items! Don’t forget to include alterations and your accessories in it also.

One or Two Dresses

Some brides like to have a second dress to change into for the dancing. While this may arise much later in the planning good idea to think about initially as if you decide to do this you may not be as restricted with the style of the gown you choose in terms of size/length of train and so on.


Do research dresses on line & in magazines but the best research of all can be looking at bridal dresses in real weddings! Check out blogs, Youtube, pinterest and planners websites for lots of Real Weddings and particularly on blogs you are sure to get an acknowledgment of the dress designer! However don’t over excess on the research as so many brides find the dress they thought they liked is not the one they end up wearing!

When To Go Shopping

There isn’t really a ‘right’ time to go wedding dress shopping but sooner rather than later is best! It can take awhile to find the right dress and it can take up to 8 -10 months for your dress to be ready whether couture or shop. I would suggest beginning to think about the dress at least one year out provided you have that time. Otherwise you may need to look into paying little more for Rush Orders or buying off the peg in a trunk sale! Similar to the fashion industry there are season and ‘fashion weeks’ where designers will showcase their collections (these happen in the Autumn in the USA, and in the Spring in the UK), the dresses will be with stockists the following January or September respectively.

Best Value

If you are happy to consider the previous years collections ie close to the landing of the new stock there is sure to be a sale on! There are also sample sales & of course buying Ready To Wear which some larger outlets offer and will be better value than made to order or current season.

Find A Good Boutique or Designer (if going for Couture)

Do research /read testimonials & reviews for bridal boutiques you are considering visiting to ensure they measure up,provide a good professional service and deliver on time!

Make An Appointment

While you may get access to some shops without an appointment many you won’t particularly on peek days and those you gain access to,you may not be able to try anything on as fitting rooms could be booked out!

The Silhouette

The shape of your gown is based on the style you like, the venue and mood of your wedding, and also what flatters your body most. An A Line gown is both contemporary and traditional and works on many body types, whereas a simple sheath is best on tall, willowy brides. A large ballgown adds drama, but can overwhelm a petite frame while a mermaid style show off curves.

Choose Whoever Your Are Bringing With You Wisely

While you may wish to bring your whole bridal party of eight such a large audience maynot work ! Getting so many people to agree on anything is very difficult let alone their friends wedding dress ! Choose your accompaniments wisely & less is more ! It also ensures a surprise for most people on the day!!

Some Of Our Favourite Designers To Consider

Now this list is by no means exclusive I could have listed so many more fabulous designers but you will find some of our favourite designers shown below.

Vera Wang


Monique L huillier




Jenny Packham

You are all set now to begin wedding dress shopping but first contact Michelle to begin planning your Destination Wedding in Ireland  


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