Congratulations if you are just engaged today we are going to share with you Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is so worth it . This is particularly true and almost a must if you are having a Destination Wedding in Ireland or anywhere in the world. Each & everyone of our couples from the last 15 years all mention in the their testimonials, speeches on the day and in person that they could never have organized their destination Ireland Wedding without our amazing assistance. And our wonderful couple last week said we even made the sun shine it shone beautifully over the walled garden at our elite partner #Dromoland Castle!

Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is so worth it

Wedding Planning is Stressful. Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean handing over your wedding to a stranger, a professional wedding planner will include you in all of the planning and help you avoid the tedious items! Wedding planning is not always the romantic experience one expects it to be. Many brides in the lead up to the wedding are truly exhausted and stressed causing weight loss which plays havoc with the wedding dress not to mention wellbeing! Bringing on board a good planner to help and take lots of the workload off your hands ensures you can remain calm, cool & focused throughout.

Engaging Vendors. At West Coast Weddings Ireland we have over 15 years experience of sourcing,working & negotiating with Ireland’s best wedding vendors! When you as a bride contact a vendor it can be difficult to even know what to ask & how to compare prices between vendors when they are not all of the same standard or style and you will most likely have no experience of the quality of their service. Having your planner assist you with the vendors ensures you will have the best of the best sourced in quarter the time it will take you!

Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is so worth it

Your Vision Realised. A good planner will help refine your vision for the wedding day ensuring the day you always dreamt of will become a reality. Whether your budget is vast or not so large the planners flair, creativity and ability to get the very best out of vendors will help make your dream come true.

Wedding Planning Takes Time. Remember it can take 365 hours to organise an average wedding and realistically to achieve this you will need to take time off work, spend all or most weekends on the organisation not to mention evenings & vacations planners will allow you time for your life. However until you really get into the preparations for your big day, it is impossible to fathom how much work is involved and how many details need to be taken care of. So engage the professional planner from early on in the preparation even if just to ensure you don’t get in trouble at the office by getting caught doing wedding planning on company time!

Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is so worth it

Things Do Go Wrong at the last minute. The day before the wedding, the baker could advise they never received your order while the dance floor might not arrive and all this while the table plan still have to be finished! Tiny things, but they are unnecessary and will bring a feeling of stress on a day when you both could be relaxed and beginning the celebrations with your guests if you have hired a competent wedding planner to handle all of this. Hopefully you will be lucky nothing goes wrong on the wedding day itself but what if something does the planner is there to save the day and chances are you may not even know!

A Wedding Planner will keep you on BUDGET. A professional planner will save you money,time and stress and in addition at the very least save you back their fees .They will keep you on budget unless with the savings they make you decide that you must have the table pin spotting and fireworks you always wanted! Planners know what different services cost and they know the local & not so local wedding vendors, and will help you get the best value for your buck.

Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is so worth it

The Go To Person on the Day. There is lots to do in preparing for your wedding day not to mention all on the day .Who will ensure your timelines are met and logistics are all on queue not to mention that your vendors turn up and are in tune with what they are supposed to be doing for your Ireland Wedding! These are all tasks that your wedding planner will coordinate for you ensuring you don’t have to worry about anything on the day other than enjoying your very special day safe in the hands that your planner has all under control !

Believe me if I hadn’t been a planner when I got married in our elite partner venue #Adare Manor,#Ireland Wedding I would have engaged a wedding planner ! I trust our little snippet proves Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is so worth it! 

Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is so worth it

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