How To Decide When To Kilt Or Not To Kilt?

how to decide when to kilt or not to kilt

How to decide when, to Kilt or not to Kilt?

When you hear Bride you automatically think wedding dress. When you hear Groom you do not automatically think of his suit.

What colour? Black Tie perhaps? It is easy to forget that their is also a groom involved in the day. He might just decide I’m going to stand out myself and say ‘I’m wearing a kilt!’

how to decide when to kilt or not to kiltFor anyone who may be undecided about the over all look of the day, here are some examples of a grooms party well dressed and looking the part. Just like Bassam did when he married Niamh. Their chosen colour was blue and this was incorporated into his wedding day attire. With his best man and page boy also wearing traditional kilts they stood out from the crowd and we think you will agree they looked great!

How to decide when to Kilt or not to Kilt?





Kilts are not just for Scotsmen and have been worn by Irish, Welsh and Englishmen the world over. The tartan is designed for a family name or clan. Although should the groom not have ties to these clans, he can wear a bespoke tartan, starting his very own clan! When wearing a formal kilt the accessories should be correct and include-

  • sporran – which hangs from the waist
  • sgian dubh- a small knife kept in the socks
  • kilt pin- this is worn in the top layer of the kilt

Another example of a well worn kilt was Corey, who wed the beautiful Denise in Autumn. They chose a colour scheme suited to their surroundings and to the changing colour of the trees and fallen leaves. An Aran jumper was a traditional accessory and certainly suited the Irish weather! As this was not a formal wedding ceremony the full suit was unnecessary and we think the informal look suited the locational and couple perfectly.





We are sure this will inspire all grooms to be adventurous with their wedding day suit- everyone loves a kilt!

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