Today we share our Top Tips on choosing an awesome menu for your wedding as remember how a guest rates dinner can determine whether they thought they were at a good or just an ok wedding!

Your first instinct will be to choose your favourite dishes but I would also suggest you consider your guests and choose some dishes that will appeal to the mass for your wedding day menu.

1.Style of meal:once you have decided on the style of meal whether an informal buffet,family table or formal 6 course dinner in line with the style of your wedding you can begin to consider the menu for your wedding in Ireland.

2.Consider the season : if it is summer you might like to serve a cold appetizer & dessert and perhaps salad or sorbet instead of soup . For a winter wedding a warm appetizer & a soup will be very well received.Choose dishes that are in season i.e. lamb in Spring,strawberry dessert in Summer.

Surf & Turf

3.Hint of Ireland for your Irish Wedding Menu: consider having an Irish dish on your menu or perhaps a complete Irish Menu.

4.Don’t overfill your guests: while you may wish to have 5 /6 course dinner you don’t want your guests bloated. You can still have all the courses just choose a light appetizer & soup to compliment the heavier main.Alternatively you may decide to just have 3 /4 course consisting of an appetizer,main & dessert.


5. Menu service format:The wedding menu service format can take many forms. For example, you can have full sit down for 3 courses & buffet style for dessert . Have dessert & cheese stations complimented with your favourite champagne and finished with your beautiful wedding cake .

6.Entre-Main Courses: It is not essential to have a choice of mains(entre). One popular main such as a red meat is very acceptable and all venues will have a silent vegetarian option available for the non meat eaters.If budget permits choice of fish will go down well especially with the female population.


7.Vary courses: if you can’t decide on the courses you would like, perhaps vary and match them. For example: having seafood as first course and red meat as main course. Pay attention to your meals varieties; don’t use a pie as dessert if you ate it as main course.

8.Hors d’oeuvres The ingredients in your hors d’oeuvre should be different to those being served at dinner. i.e. smoked salmon as appetizer you would try not have it as an hors d’oeuvre.

canape on spoon

9.Food Order : For your destination wedding in Ireland it is not necessary for guests to pre order their main course (entre) when doing their RSVP as their order will be taken on the wedding day in Ireland.

10.Food Allergies: Include an allergy note with your RSVP’s prompting guests who may have a food allergy /intolerance to advise in advance ensuring your venue is prepared to meet the guests requirements.

Scallops display

11.Food Cooking : Some venues /kitchens will cook all main courses to order ie rare /well done beef but if this capability is not an option you will need to stipulate how you would like to have meat cooked to cater for the majority ie USA guests M-R ,Irish guests M-W.

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