For many couples the day after can be the ultimate party day, the day they can relax & unwind with their nearest & dearest after a very hectic wedding day! Today we share our “Top Tips For Your Post Wedding Day Party” in Ireland.

Options include a brunch, a BBQ, themed party, activities such as golf & day at the races or just a simple pub get together! To ensure guests know well in advance that you are extending your wedding to a two/three day celebration it is a good idea to include the invitation with the wedding day invite. This ensures when guests book their vacation time,flights & so on they are aware of the additional days. Do also ask guests to RSVP for fringe events.

Post Wedding Day Champagne Brunch 

Ideal option if many your guests need to depart the day after the wedding to return to work or continue their vacation or even catch flights home. It ensures guests can have a late breakfast /early lunch before they depart & you in turn can say good bye to all those who traveled from far & near to celebrate your wedding. The brunch is usually relatively casual set out with lots of varied food stations offering everything from a traditional Irish breakfast to pancakes & omelette to fresh fruit & cereals to roast of the day and of course the all time favourite dessert station !

Post Wedding Day BBQ

A lovely option to extend your wedding celebrations and chance for you to relive the wonderful wedding day with all your family & friends. If guests will be able to stay around for another day /night an ideal time for the BBQ will be early evening.  This gives guests time for other activities such as exploration of the region /sight seeing,golf,hiking or just relaxing after late to bed the night before! Alternatively if you would like most guests to attend but know some will have to travel home /catch flights host your BBQ lunch time/early afternoon.

Theme For Your Post Wedding Party

To bring some added fun & purpose to your  post wedding day event add a theme . Idea of interesting themes include : “General Fancy Dress” , “The White Party”, “Favourite Film Characters”,”Country & Western” and “Happily Ever After Party”.

Choosing A Location

Hosting your post wedding day event at your wedding reception venue can be very convenient for guests particularly if all guests are staying at the venue. Alternatively you might like to take it to a more informal,unique venue perhaps with an indoor / outdoor setting .Don’t forget if hosting the party away from where the group are staying transportation will be required.

Who To Invite

There are a number of options open to your invitation list!  They include “inviting all wedding guests” or “restricting it to just family & close friends particularly if it involves guests staying on another night & taking additional time off.


If you are inviting all guests a convenient way is to include an invitation with your main day one & ask for RSVP also. Alternatively if only inviting a limited number of guests invite by word of mouth or email prior is acceptable. However with this more informal approach it is more difficult to get RSVP’s so your numbers may not be entirely accurate.


Whether lunch time brunch or late evening BBQ some entertainment will always go down well! This can be as simple as some live music or play your very own specially tailored playlist. If evening /night time event you may even wish to have some dancing so a DJ maybe the ideal option here or a traditional Irish band . Lawn games,treasure hunt,falconry & archery are great activities for a during the day event! It could be a good day to have the photo booth to capture some moments particularly as you may not have a professional photographer engaged for this more low key event.


Alternative Activities

In Ireland almost every day of the year there is horse racing on.If your wedding location is close to a race course where there are races this could be a fun day out for the group. You can reserve tables in the restaurant & provide lunch for the group, book a private room with balcony views of the races where again you can serve some food & drinks and even engage your very own tipster!

If there is water close by whether lake or sea there could be an option to take a cruise on the water in the afternoon .While back on land have a BBQ or head to local pub for some good pub food & a music session.

In addition to a brunch or BBQ if there lots of golfers in the group a fun golf tournament can be organised while the non golfers hit the SPA!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for extending your wedding celebration to at least two days ! From my own experience I found the day after our wedding to be a very relaxing,fun day and loved reliving every moment of the day through our guests eyes.

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