Flying has become a feature of the modern wedding with long haul flights featuring quite significantly ! Having done lots of long haul flights I feel well versed to offer some “Top Tips For Surviving Long haul Flights To Your Destination Wedding”

Jet Lag

Your Circadian Rhythm (body clock) controls when you feel sleepy at night, your body temperature (which decreases at night) and periods of alertness. Unfortunately there is no way to beat this when flying long haul but you can take precautions to help you cope better with the new time zone & jet lag!

Remember it will take you up to 4 days to fully adjust to an 8-hour time difference i.e. flying West Coast USA to Europe. Thus why I advise my wedding couples to try & arrive at their destination wedding location 4 – 7 days prior so they are fully acclimatized & looking their very best on the wedding day!

On arrival day they do say you should try to stay up & adapt to the time zone but I have often taken a nap to get me through and don’t think it impacted on my recovery !


Aircraft cabin air has a very low humidity as low as 10% and the fresh air pumped into the cabin at 36,000ft is dry. This means that cabin air is very dehydrating and will also cause your skin to dry out. Therefore it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking fluids & applying moisturizer regularly to your skin particularly face and hands. You might like to AVOID alcohol and caffeinated drinks because they are diuretics.

Stretch Your Legs

I always try to sit in an aisle seat and as close to the top of the plane as possible. Sitting in an aisle seat avoids being crammed in by the window, gives access for free movement including to the rest rooms so you can avoid queues. I am not very fond of the Exit seats as can be very cold!

No harm to get up every hour or so to stretch the legs by walking up & down the aisle obviously avoiding the busy crew!

Eating On Board

While many experts advise against eating on a flight the length of a long haul flight means hunger is sure to set in! If you are feeling the flight as long & little boring having a meal can ease this too! The portions are normally quite small you just might avoid too many of the cakes /desserts & adding salt to dishes! Alternatively take healthy snacks with you on-board e.g. fruit, nuts, cereal bars etc.


Blankets /pillow /eye mask & noise blocking earphones are a must! Most of which will be provided by your long haul airline but no harm to check in advance particularly for a blanket. When you board the plane is usually warm however less than an hour in you will notice a significant decrease in the cabin temperature as the air con is ranked up!


Aircraft and airports are very unhygienic. There are hundreds of other travellers, each bringing their own germs and viruses and spreading these germs everywhere. Not to mention the planes themselves seats, tables etc! Take a small bottle of hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial hand wipes and clean your hands regularly. Many of the airlines will provide a hand wipe with /before dinner also.

Sleeping On A Flight

Lots of passengers find it difficult to sleep on the plane there are some factors, which could help you here. Start by using those earplugs, pillow & eye mask which will help your body clock by blocking out the light! If you decide to take a sleeping aid I suggest keeping to a natural remedy rather than prescription versions. They can leave you disorientated on arrival at your destination.

Comfortable Clothes For Your Long Haul Flight

I suggest either wearing or bringing loose fitting clothes which you can change into. As well as your clothes being comfortable they are best made from fabrics, which allow your skin to breathe.

Do you have any questions about flying and travel I can help answer?

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