Just engaged & decided when you would like to get married before you even begin to look at venues you should do the guest list . This ensures you are only looking at venues which can accommodate your numbers & remember if you are going for a ceremony at the venue also it needs to be able to accommodate ceremony & reception. Our Blog today will help you with the mammoth task of the guest list “Top Tips For Creating Your Wedding Guest List”.


Creating The Master Wedding Guest List

Create your master guest list include on it everyone you could ever imagine inviting. Then allow for your parents guests, traditionally they would get a quarter of the list each i.e. 200 guests they would ask 50 each.

Even if you’re paying for the wedding yourselves, it’s a good idea to get the families together and talk about the guest list so there are no surprises or noses out of joint further down the road.

Use A System That’s Collaborative

There are a lot of different ways you can build your guest list, but by using a system that’s collaborative it means both you & your fiancee can make edits. Or if you have gone the traditional route for RSVP’s and parents are tracking them you will still have immediate access.

A guest list that you can easily convert your into a seating chart and track your RSVPs is a must . It’s also very useful to have everyone’s contact info in one place for the Thank Your Cards afterwards.


Make an A-list and a B-list

You may decide to have two lists so ensure to keep a record of guests you remove from the master list to add to the second list.

Here’s how it works: Your A-list consists of the must-have invites you couldn’t imagine not having at your wedding, like your family and close friends. They will receive your first round of invitations. Your B-list is made up of guests you still really want to be there but can’t due to space restrictions. If you start getting RSVPs and it turns out you have enough “regrets,” then you’ll start sending invites to your B-list. However you must ensure that it is not obvious to those on the B List that they were second fiddle so send first round of invitations 9/10 weeks prior ensuring you are sending the second round the standard 6 weeks prior ! It will also mean printing RSVP cards with two different dates.

Inviting Friends

Which friends to invite or put on the B list can be tricky. Ask yourself when deciding which pals to include: Did you meet for lunch or have dinner with them in the last year? If yes, add them to your list or if doing two lists they will be on the A – List. If you are old school friends but haven’t been in regular contact for ages, put their name on the B-list.


Inviting Relatives

Your immediate family is a no-brainer, as well as aunts, uncles and grandparents. But for first cousins and more distant relatives perhaps one cousin from each family , the eldest or the ones you are closest to. While second cousins & great aunts will only make the list if you are close or have lots of availability or they may end up on parents list ! The relative situation could be different on both sides pending closeness & numbers involved!

Inviting Children

While most venues will charge children half price /less for dinner they do still require a seat in the reception venue. So you need to decide if you are inviting children to the reception,if numbers are tight you may opt to not invite children. Or even have them dine in a Kids Zone which you will have set up in a separate room with entertainment & sitters!


Wedding Budget

Once you have the guest list done you can see how it fits within your budget. And in turns it will reveal what standard of venues match your budget. These Wedding venues in Ireland will include 3,4,5* castles, manor houses, avant garde venues and golf resorts.

Selectively Offer Invites “With Guest”

If you are limited on the number of guests you can fit you may need to invite single guests as one only ie no plus one or guest.


Wash Down Of Numbers

Remember you will always have wash down on the original guest list. You can expect to have at least 20% for a local/national wedding while for a destination wedding it can be 50%! 

Have A Destination Wedding!

If you discover that your guest list is far bigger than you envisaged and you can’t realistically reduce it so will end up with a much larger wedding than you wanted consider a destination wedding when you are sure to reduce your numbers by at least 50%. And on return have a casual cocktail party “back home reception” for all those who couldn’t make your actual wedding!



#Justengaged I hope todays BLOG will get you through the first mammoth task of Wedding Planning!

Any queries don’t hesitate to contact me planning@westcoastweddingsireland.com


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