While Sweetheart Tables at weddings are not common with Irish wedding couples working so much with couples from the USA who  come to Ireland for their destination wedding we are very familiar with Sweetheart Tables & we can really appreciate the appeal!    Today we share some Top Tips for a Sweetheart Table at your wedding Reception in Ireland. 
Top table for two
A Sweetheart Table is a table set for two,the bride & groom sit facing their guests. Irish couples looking for a unique element for your wedding the Sweetheart Table is well worth considering ! 
How very romantic on your wedding day to have your very own table for two, a “Sweetheart Table”. And what could be lovelier, than dining so intimately while looking out at the beautiful event you’ve created to celebrate your love. 
An opportunity to steel time together to reflect on your fabulous day and savour the amazing moments. Table x 2 Luxury.glass top
Choosing a Sweetheart Table also helps to create a less formal feel to your seating plan, and if a top table will throw up issues such as complicated family politics, or if you have a particularly large wedding party the sweetheart table eliminates 
all of these possible issues. It means your parents are free to host their own tables and your bridal party can sit with their partners, who may not know many others at the wedding. It is a good idea to let your immediate family and bridal party 
know in advance of your plans for a sweetheart table so they’re not thrown on the day when they walk into dinner & they can’t find the  top  table !
Table for 2.dark wood chivary
Ensure the MC or your wedding planner will ensure that the MC knows where everyone is siting in terms of the speeches particularly if speakers are speaking from their place. Alternatively have your venue provide a podium /microphone in a 
focal point which all speakers can speak from.
Table x 2 luxury with lush florals
The Sweetheart Table can be a pretty style feature and focal point adorned with gorgeous decorations including beautiful fresh flowers,stunning linens and table accessories. Now, all you’ve got to do is have fun & be creative in decorating your 
Sweetheart Table for your big day. Remember too less can be more! A simple garland draped over the table can work beautifully.
Equally the alter arrangement with candles from your church ceremony can work very well and give a beautiful lush & luxurious feel to your table.
Table x 2 with ivory chairs

We are sure these beautiful, romantic Sweetheart Tables we have featured will give you lots of  inspiration for your very own Sweetheart Table…

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