As the 2015 wedding season comes to an end we are looking forward to the 2016 season in Ireland and today we share with you what we feel will be Hot Trends in Ireland next year in our Top 10 Wonderful Wedding Trends for 2016. Once you have enjoyed the post Contact Michelle with your queries or to get the planning started!

Metallic Linens

Since the return of The Great Gatsby last year, there has been a “return to glam” as the wedding industry refers to it. Gold, rose gold, sequins, platinum and silver linens that shimmer and sparkle really add a special look to the venue. These specialty linens make a bold statement. If you prefer a less is more look I suggest to use metallic linens on selected tables such as the cake table, the escort card table and perhaps the high tops in your pre dinner cocktail reception.

sparkle rose pink table scape
Hometown Memorabilia at your Destination Wedding

Just because you are having a destination wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have some home touches. Bringing in elements of home city /town and your personality is a lovely way of merging the two locations. Items can include a photo table, favours from your home, the wedding colour palette feature colours from your state flag , a food dish from your home state & even the use of the two flags!


Another of our top wonderful trends for 2016 is lighting, lighting & lighting! From traditional candles to high tech strobe lighting they all play a major part in your wedding décor whether modern, vintage or classical! Lighting greatly enhances the ambience and atmosphere of your wedding ceremony and reception venues from manor houses to castles to churches to coastal venues and all in between.


Print Bridesmaids Dresses

While trends of printed dresses from the fashion catwalks were starting to emerge for bridesmaids dresses in 2015 they are certain to be a big trend in 2016.  For your Spring or Summer wedding dress your bridal party in a beautiful, blossoming designs that they will definitely wear again. The dresses are available in fun and colourful patterns such as florals, stripes and polka dots all very girly & soft. And what a terrific way to continue the floral theme in your wedding.

floral-bridesmaid dress

Metallic Decal on the dance floor

The gobos projected onto the dance floor are a little passé but still good for the wall! A metallic decal is the trending monogram for the dance floor, a gold decal on white dance floor can look stunning combined with lots of high tech strobe lighting.

Dance-Floor white with golf mono

Gold Accessories

I envisage lots of gold accessories on tablescapes next year where everything from cutlery to charger plates to candelabras and glassware is gold or gold rimmed. Gold gives an element of warmth, elegance & luxury to your wedding reception without breaking the bank! It instantly provides that touch of glamour for your weddings reception. It works very well with lots of colour palettes particularly pastels. And remember gold /champagne can be a lovely bridesmaid dress colour.

Just Picked Flowers

In season and local flowers which give a wild country look will be very popular again in 2016. The clusters and varying shades give elegant flashes of colour complete the ambience without overpowering the bouquets & reception arrangements.


His & Her Cocktails

The signature cocktail can represent your personalities & can even be a twist on a cocktail you both like to drink. Or if you can’t agree on one cocktail serve two one inspired by the bride and the other inspired by the groom! The bar tender or mixologist at your venue will be able to assist you with ideas for your cocktails.

Gueridon Food Service

The Culinary experience is a very important feature of your wedding in fact it can almost determine whether guests say they were at a good or not so good wedding!

While we are seeing a return to the classic sit down dinner the introduction of a gueridon element sees a waiter arrive to the table with a trolley packed with the makings of fabulous appetizers and again for desserts. Your guests have the opportunity to create their own appetizer from salads to anti pasti to seafood platters and when it comes to dessert the options can be endless and oh so delicious!

Naked Cake (square sponge)

Naked Wedding Cakes

While the usual wedding cake is typically frosted with icing the naked cake trend is going to be very big in 2016. These cakes are pared down creations with no outer layer of buttercream. The texture of the cake and of its tiers is put on show and you can have an interesting use of colours. This yummy trend could be your choice of wedding cake in 2016!

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