As Ireland’s leading planners we are the purveyors of “The Beautiful Brides Wedding Day Emergency Kit” never leaving home without one! We are delighted to share our brides wedding day emergency kit with you.The kit will save you any wedding mishaps that could pop up on your big day and keep you happy and gorgeous.…ay-emergency-kit/

Health & Safety Emergency Kit

  • Band-aids & bandages
  • Eye drops great for red /tiread eyes
  • Medication for headache,allergy,stomach ailments & indigestion
  • Antiseptic products for treating bites/cut
  • Sunscreen for face & body…ay-emergency-kit/

General Emergency

  • Your cell phone but really only for day before & day after!
  • Legal documents including the marriage license,passports & driving licenses for your honeymoon
  • Some cash
  • Duct tape great for fixing something quickly
  • Notebook and pen for any last minute reminders
  • Snacks & water for keeping fit and staying well hydrated on your big day. Eat Granola Bars with lots of protein for an energy boost. Apples are healthy and will calm your stomach.
  • Umbrella just in case your chauffeur forgets
  • Mints for having a fresh first kiss
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissues…ay-emergency-kit/

Beauty Emergency Kit

  • Small clutch bag to hold your lipstick,tissue & powder for the ceremony & reception
  • Brush, bobby pins and elastics for touch ups to your hair
  • A small easy to carry mirror
  • Perfume for the perfect smell all through the day
  • Pair of flat shoes so you can change out of your heels for outdoor photos & dancing
  • Dental floss for the perfect smile
  • Nail polish and nail file encase of a chip
  • Panty hose just in case of snags in the initial one
  • Baby powder for feeling fresh
  • Hair spray for maintaining your hair
  • Makeup items: eyeliner, lipstick, powder, foundation, eye shadow and pencil. Don’t forget a make-up remover in case of mistakes.
  • Spot reducer encase of a pimples
  • Tweezers don’t forget this little detail
  • Lint remover for the groom & groomsmen suit
  • Razor to eliminate any stray hairs…ay-emergency-kit/

Sewing Emergency kit within easy reach is a real lifesaver in unfortunate situations:

  • Spare buttons
  • Needles and safety pins
  • Scissors really important to have it in your kit for cutting thread or even the price tag
  • Lighter for frayed ribbon and hems
  • Glue is another lifesaver for fixing shoes, jwellery and more
  • White chalk for masking unexpected stain which could come up on your wedding dress.

Health Emergency Kit deodorant, tampons, mouthwash, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste.

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Brides get working on your Emergency Kit right away so you have left nothing to chance for your Special Day or engage us as your Wedding Planner and we will do it all for you !

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