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A Wild Atlantic Wedding

A Wild Atlantic Wedding Sharing a real wedding with you that showcases every reason to marry on the West Coast of Ireland! An amazing location to make amazing memories!   Choosing Quin church for their wedding ceremony allowed them to perfect opportunity to use the historical Quin Abbey for part of their photo-shoot before driving to the
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What Is The Best Neckline To Suit Your Face?

What Is The Best Neckline To Suit Your Face? When choosing the right dress what does a bride look for? Ultimately it should reflect your personal style. Necklines are a personal choice, brides knowing what suits their figures and shape. In spring and summer an off-the-shoulder dress will suit the weather while by adding lace
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Beautiful and Elegant Lace (And Lots Of It)

Today’s Fashion Friday BLOG is dedicated to Beautiful and Elegant Lace (And Lots Of It). When I think of lace I imagine Grace Kelly. Graceful in both name and lifestyle, she had every sign of regal and timeless beauty. Her wedding dress is one of the most famous wedding dresses of all time. The high
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The Love Of Lace

The Love of Lace in weddings is something we can all relate to. Associated with Royalty, it allows us to bring out our inner Princess and can add a touch of luxury to any wedding day. With so many different types of lace, we know it dates back to the 16th century as references were made
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