Organising the Liquor/Beverages for your Wedding in Ireland is an essential part of the planning. Similar to the menu when choosing your beverages & wines do take the tastes of yourselves as well as the majority of your guests into consideration ensuring your choices will appeal to most ! Today we share our tips on “How to Plan the Beverages for your Wedding in Ireland”.

Budget :

Ensure to include an allowance for beverages in your overall budget.

It can include some or all of the following:

  • Pre dinner cocktail reception: 2 – 3 drinks per person pending length of your reception
  • Wine with dinner: half – full bottle per person
  • Champagne toast: one glass of champagne or sparkling wine or at an Irish wedding a drink of choice rather than bubbly is sometimes offered
  • Open bar pre & post dinner: 6 drinks per person but you also need to decide pending budget if top shelf as well as pouring brands are to be served


Strawberry cocktail single glass


Average guest will consume two drinks in the first hour then one drink each additional hour


  • Most venues will permit you to bring in your own wine & champagne and charge a corkage fee
  • If you would like to serve good wines & champagne despite corkage it can be good value to supply own.
  • For a more average house wine you may find that the corkage charge is quite prohibitive.
  • If bringing in own arrange a sale on return basis with the off license /supplier unless of course you travel to France for it!

Champers & strawberry

Pre Dinner Cocktail Reception Options:


Prosecco/ Sparkling Wine are also very acceptable cheaper option to champagne

Champagne Bar with a variety of champagnes or sparkling wines with accompaniments such as orange juice,creme de casis,

Open Bar

  • Full bar including top shelf liquor
  • Full bar with pouring brands
  • Beer & Wine bar – quite often will offer wines as serving with dinner. There are some very good craft beers available in Ireland and well worth including in your beer & wine bar
  • In Ireland an open bar is mainly charged on consumption so you don’t have to pre order the amount of drink required in advance & won’t be charged unless something is consumed
  • However I do suggest that you set a limit in advance which you would like the open bar to cease if is reached
  • As your wedding planners we would provide estimates and advise on limits etc


Signature Cocktails – A new cocktail created in conjunction with the venue mixologist or you may opt to use a tried & tested favourite cocktail.

  • If you have a colour /theme for your wedding can co ordinate the cocktail with it.
  • You might like to use creative names such as “First Kiss”, “Happily Ever After”, “Blushing Bride”.
  • You should consider the season when choosing your signature cocktails.
  • Alternatively serve Signature Drinks such as Fruit Punch, Pimm’s,Warm Mulled Wine.

Tea /Coffee: quite often served provided complimentary at Irish venues.


Wine with dinner:

Once you have chosen your menu it is time to decide on wines that pair well with your food. The sommelier at the venue will be able to assist you with the choosing of your wines while the menu tasting allows you the opportunity to taste the wines and ensure they are suitable offering for your wedding day.

Very acceptable to offer just one white wine & one red wine with dinner

Popular and palatable choices include: Sauvignon Blanc & Cabernet Sauvignon



The tradition is to serve champagne for the toasts.However it can be substituted with sparkling wine, there are some very good ones available costing less than champagne.

Champagne Pop – novel way for waiters to serve the bubbles to music

A top up of wine can also be offered for the toast particularly if doing the toasts at beginning of dinner.

Drink of choice – if you feel your guests really are not champagne drinkers “drink of choice” is a very good Irish option!

The increase in popularity of Irish Whiskey make it a lovely Irish Toast Drink & could even serve a choice of Bailey’s Irish Cream for the ladies


Post Dinner :

After Dinner Liquor – might like to offer an Irish whiskey /Baileys Irish Cream/Cognac.

Quite often at an Irish wedding the bar will be cash after dinner but all venues can facilitate an open bar. See details in the cocktail reception.

Later in the evening perhaps offer a coffee bar with assortment of liquors.

Non Alcoholic :

Don’t forget to ensure the bar stocks non alcoholic beer should any of your guests require it.

Glasses of brandy

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