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If you are currently trying to plan your Wedding in beautiful Ireland from abroad chances are you spending every available moment scouring the internet for everything you can find on Weddings in Ireland! It can be one of the most daunting tasks facing a couple in their lives and leave you feeling overwhelmed!

While I advocate your first port of call should be to engage a wedding planner who will take all of the stress & anxiety out of the planning while guiding you through the whole process they are not for everyone! But remember a good one will save you’re their fees in discounts & time!

How to Plan your Wedding in Beautiful Ireland from Abroad!

Today we share our top tips on How to Plan your Wedding in Ireland from Abroad!

Decide On The Date for your Wedding :

  • Keeping in mind your availability of time off & that of your proposed wedding party/close family /friends that you feel are most important to attend
  • Check the climate
  • Peek time versus off peek can have huge influence on costs for you & your guests

Set the Budget for your Wedding:

  • Calculate what you would like to spend on your wedding celebration
  • Ensure you allow for any pre /post wedding events you would like to host

How to Plan your Wedding in Beautiful Ireland from Abroad!

Wedding Must Haves:

  • Compose a short list will help you prioritise throughout the planning

Decide on the Style for your Wedding:

  • Choose a style for your wedding as it will be an influencer on the venue

Create your Guest List:

  • Assessment of your numbers will be very important for venue choice
  • Allow for up to 50% wash down in guest numbers for a destination wedding.

Location for your Wedding in Ireland :

  • Where in Ireland would you like to have the wedding.
  • Access to Airport particularly important for your guests traveling in for the wedding

How to Plan your Wedding in Beautiful Ireland from Abroad!

Choose the Venue for your Wedding in Ireland :

  • In line with your wedding style, budget & numbers choose on a venue from castles to manor houses to coastal resorts the choice is endless

Decide on the Ceremony Type for your Wedding in Ireland:

  • Religious at a Church
  • Civil at your Venue – Indoor or Outdoors
  • Civil in a Registration office
  • Humanist
  • Always have a Plan B if your first preference is to have an outdoor ceremony

Save The Dates for your Wedding in Ireland:

  • Send out your Save the Dates
  • They can be sent out one year prior giving guests lots of notice

How to Plan your Wedding in Beautiful Ireland from Abroad!

Legalities for your Wedding in Ireland :

  • Give notice of your intention to marry at least 3 months in advance of wedding
  • You must also attend an interview in person at least 5 working days prior to the wedding
  • Note church & state are separate so if you are having a church wedding there is additional preparation to be done through your church at home

Pre Wedding Trip:

  • I suggest you do a pre wedding planning trip to Ireland if you can at all
  • Great opportunity to check out your venue, do a menu tasting , meet your florist /stylist ,finalize your entertainment ,meet your photographer organize transportation as well as have a little holiday!

Wedding Website for your Wedding in Ireland :

  • Almost essential for a destination wedding as guests will have lots of questions particularly in terms of travel, ground transportation & attire
  • Create the wedding website & update regularly

How to Plan your Wedding in Beautiful Ireland from Abroad!

Challenges You May Encounter :

  • Lots of vendors don’t issue contracts
  • Many vendors don’t take credit cards for payments
  • Need for some cash for paying vendors
  • Response time – vendors may not always answer in timely manner!
  • Your guests will have lots of questions for you from flight to weather & all in between


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