While Dad has a very important role on the wedding day “to walk his daughter down the aisle” Mums role on the wedding day maybe less defined. Today we share our Top Tips on “How to Involve Mum in your Wedding“ as she too deserves to play a big part in your very special day.Whether you are having a wedding in Ireland or anywhere else in the world there is always a major role for Mum.

 How To Involve Mum in your Wedding

  • Confident for the Planning

Lots of Mums are very happy to be given some jobs to assist you with the planning including menu tasting, assisting with flowers & decor and of course her traditional job of collating the RSVP’s for your wedding.

  • Shopping Support

What better way to involve Mum in your wedding than bringing her dress shopping with you ! It will be an ideal time for her to learn how to bustle your dress so you can dance the night away. And of course ensure to set aside a day to take Mum shopping for her outfit so that she too can look a million dollars on your big day.

How To Involve Mum in your Wedding 

  • Mum’s Veil

If you are lucky enough that Mum still has her veil from her wedding day pending the style of your dress & overall look it might work for you.And it becomes your Something Borrowed !

  • Piece of Lace from Mum’s Dress as Wrap for Bouquet

Mum may still have some material from her dress which you could use as the wrap for your bouquet. And you in turn might like to keep it encase you end up having a daughter getting married in the future.

How To Involve Mum in your Wedding 

  • Day of Dresser

 Mums always like to take part in all the wedding morning preparation with you & the girls. And to be there for that ultimate moment of assisting you into the dress no better person than Mum to make it all happen ensuring every last detail is complete for your sensational wedding day look !

  • The Ceremony

Partake in the ceremony by reading or if a catholic ceremony the Mums can bring up the gifts to the alter of the church in Ireland.

 How To Involve Mum in your Wedding

  • Walk you down the Aisle with Dad

For a very unique walk down the aisle have both Mum & Dad take you to your new husband to be.

  • Matron of Honour

Mum maybe your best friend as well as Mum so what better way to seal this bond then have her as your Matron of Honour.

How To Involve Mum in your Wedding



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