While it isn’t vital to have a colour palette for your wedding it will set the aesthetic tone and can be a very useful tool for guiding your choices in everything from bridesmaids dresses to flowers to linens & stationery.Today we share our Top Tips on How To Choose Your Wedding Colours.

Favourite Colours

One way to decide on your wedding colours is to use both of your favourite colours – as long as they look well together that is! Red & limegreen might not be a runner but another shade of green could be the answer! Colours that dominate your home can be a good hint!

Joint Activities & Passtimes

What you enjoy doing together can speak to what colours you would like to represent your wedding. Enjoy windsurfing,swimming or the beach? Then a shade of blue could be an option. If regal ballrooms,castles and theatres are more your thing, then rich colours such as crimson red, gold, or silver are fabulous choices. Once you have identified the base colour you can choose an accent colour or colours that will fit nicely with the base.

Birthstone Colours

Birthstone colours can make for a beautiful palette for your wedding. A very sweet, sentimental way to decide on your colours. Similar to favourite colours in 1 if the colours don’t fit nicely together, try variations of shades in your birthstone colours to create your colour palette. Choosing birthstone colours is sure to bring your personalities to the fore.

Get Inspired by Your Setting

You might like to keep your venue/location in mind when finalizing the colour palette . Venues like converted marquees & warehouses are blank canvases, meaning you can really add as much or as little as you want to achieve your vision for colour and style. By taking your wedding venue in to account you won’t have to work against a clashing colour palette at the venue, your colours will enhance what you love about your venue.


The Seasonal Colour Palette

Just like your wardrobe, your wedding colour scheme can be inspired by the time of year you are getting married . Citrus or pastels are perfect for spring, while a brighter coral or blush is a summer staple. For Autumn, a rich burgundy will work well with other jewel tones, while red and gold are great winter colours. However you don’t need to keep to the seasonal rule if you would like navy as the base in Summer perhaps add an accent of peach. The trick is to concentrate on texture, and maybe even bring in a stronger accent colour.

Set the Mood

Your wedding colours can set the tone for your wedding day. If you’re going for a classic, elegant look neutrals such as white, ivory & blush with brighter accents maybe called for. While a more dramatic look, black and white or emerald and gold may be required. Colour can seriously influence the style of your wedding whether it’s relaxed or more formal but is not the only contributor .

Research Colour Palettes

Instagram, magazines, art galleries and even friends’ weddings are all great sources for inspiration although you won’t want to copy the friends! However no need to choose a colour combo just because it’s on trend, any of the earlier suggestions along with art and design will help you see colours you like in a new way.

Check out the Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is a great tool to check whether your chosen colours work well together or not. Colours that are opposites pair well as you are bringing a cool and warm together (orange / sky blue). Other colour pairings that work are “neighbours” they are similar to each other and share a primary colour (fuchsia/ blush). For the classic look pair a bright, colour with a neutral, like blush and gold.

Don’t Overthink It

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you have to have a strict wedding colour palette. While your palette will decide a lot of your wedding decisions,such as flowers & bridesmaid dresses the entire wedding doesn’t have to match perfectly! Remember for setting the tone other items are big contributors also including style, formality and mood.

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