On today’s blog, we share expert advice on How To Choose The Perfect Colour For Your Wedding Day by our guest Blogger “Daughter of Design” founder Annie Lee.

Choosing wedding colours can be daunting! There is an endless rainbow of colours to select from and then, of course, instead of having just one colour there can be multiple colours, which can just multiply the indecision.

When we start the colour discussion with our clients there are a few questions we always ask them and some things we consider as we start to gravitate towards a colour story. Here are a few tips and guidelines we use to help our clients narrow their search!

Back Into It

Often couples have stronger feelings about colours they absolutely do not like. This is good. This helps narrow the palette we’re considering. Once we have disqualified certain tones, maybe it’s all things orange or an entire family of colours like all pastels, then it helps you hone in on the smaller group of colours that are still in the running.

How To Choose The Perfect Colour For Your Wedding Day

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Listen to what is happening in nature and stay in season. Pastels are wonderful in the Spring, go with autumnal shades in the Fall, and whites are a classic choice for Winter. You don’t have to adhere to these shades strictly but they can be a great start to designing by time of year.

How To Choose The Perfect Colour For Your Wedding Day

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Don’t fight the room. This means staying on beat with what else pre-exists in the venue and its design. We try our best to enhance and compliment the surrounding interior so the wedding décor doesn’t look out of place. The room is your canvas, don’t deny its existence, embrace it! Examine the curtains, the flooring, and see if there are colours there that would be complimentary to ones that might be part of the wedding décor.

How To Choose The Perfect Colour For Your Wedding Day

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Flattering Tones

Everyone has a colour that does wonders for him or her. Open the closet and look at the clothes that flatter and compliment your complexion the most. Does the blue dress make your eyes look that much bluer? The green make your fair skin appear angelic. We always say that the wedding décor is the biggest accessory, because as you stand in the room, it subliminally works as the perfect enhancer for your skin and hair tones. On that same token, avoid those colours that do nothing for you! Does that beige colour totally wash you out? Maybe avoid that one then.

How To Choose The Perfect Colour For Your Wedding Day

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Thank you so much to Annie for her amazing advice, she is a design genius!  

Visit her site for more of her great work http://daughterofdesign.com

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