From experience your wedding will be rated on your food so essential to get it right! Delicious, good quality food is a must for your wedding in Ireland. As a top wedding planner in Ireland I share our “Ultimate Guide to the Most Important Dinner Party of your Life”. 

The Venue for the Most Important Dinner Party of your Life

When choosing a venue for your wedding in Ireland ensure the quality of food served is excellent whether it comes directly from the venue kitchen or an outside caterer and that they can meet your expectations in terms of menu for the wedding day.

If you are looking for a superior meal a venue such as a hotel with an award-winning restaurant is sure to provide a truly magnificent meal. While well established caterers will offer quite a diverse menu as they will be used to serving quite a varied customer range.…rty-of-your-life/ ‎

Style of Meal for the Most Important Dinner Party of your Life

Options include:

  • Traditional formal seated elegant dinner
  • Buffet style is casual but allows for a more diverse menu
  • Family style is similar to fully seated but less formal in that guests serve themselves from platters on the centre of the table 

Budget for the Most Important Dinner Party of your Life

Expect to spend up to 50% of your budget on food, good food doesn’t come cheap! To cut back on the costs your options include

  • Buffet style dinner
  • Sit down – have no choice in the courses
  • Pending minimum food spend requirements of your venue you could perhaps serve cake for dessert…rty-of-your-life/ ‎

In season /Local Produce

Dishes with in season /local produce ensure the quality and freshness of the food

Local Produce should also reduce costs

Most important for a destination wedding it gives your guests a taste of local iconic specialties eg Irish Lamb, Irish Smoked Salmon

Personalise the Meal for the Most Important Dinner Party of your Life

Your wedding meal should incorporate your tastes and food you love together with the general palate of your guests. Do keep in mind the numbers to be served as it can have some constraints on the options open to you in terms of food quality and presentation.…rty-of-your-life/ ‎

Tasting prior to the Most Important Dinner Party of your Life

While most venues /caterers will offer a menu tasting if not I would suggest you negotiate for one at the time of booking! It is very important to have seen the presentation of your dishes and tasted the food. It is also a good time to part the menu with wines. 

Menu Planning for the Most Important Dinner Party of your Life

  • Decide on the number of courses to be served
  • Choose the main course(entrée) or choice of
  • Select complimenting starter, soup, sorbet pending number of courses
  • Finally decide on the canapés for the cocktail hour – avoiding ingredient overlap where you can with dinner
  • Choose vegetarian dishes…rty-of-your-life/ ‎


Ensure to share your proposed itinerary with the catering team to ensure your chosen menu and service style will work within it ie a 7 course sit down meal will not fit into a two hour dinner allocation time !…rty-of-your-life/ ‎

Hopefully you are now well equipped to plan your very special dinner party, the most important of your life but shoot any questions my way!

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