Organising a wedding can be stressful. To make it a little easier for our future bride and grooms, we share a guest blog by top New York Planner Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events “Expert Advice On The Do’s And Dont’s Of Wedding Planning”.


  1. Figure out your guest count – the high end and the low end – it will help you select the right size venue.

Expert Advice on the do's and dont's of Wedding Planning

  1. Start a Pinterest board– pin and save images you love for their colour, texture, shape etc.
  2. Hire a wedding planner– planning a wedding is a lot of work and hiring a professional will make it much easier and exciting!
  3. Share the good news– family first, best friends next, social media last!
  4. Know your resources–  before you begin planning have a clear budget. It helps to keep things on track and to manage expectations. Expert Advice on the do's and dont's of Wedding Planning
  5. Make it personal– create a wedding that reflects your relationship, not something you think others will love including your parents!
  6. Work together– each person should make a list of what’s most important to them and divide up the responsibilities.Expert Advice on the do's and dont's of Wedding Planning
  7. Be organized – start a spreadsheet, google docs is great, as you can share it with your fiance and family
  8. Include family and friends– find roles and responsibilities for those you love to be involved. Nothing over the top, simple tasks are great!
  9. Enjoy the process– make sure you have bubbly or wine or chocolate at your planning meetings! Talk out your options and don’t let stress get the best of you!
  10. Work with the right vendors– make sure your vendors match your style and personality, book them for who they are and what they do!Expert Advice on the do's and dont's of Wedding Planning
  11. Send thank you cards– wedding vendors work with you in a personal way for such a special event, make sure to send them and your guests thank you cards!


  1. Have a cash bar– if your budget is tight then stick to a beer and wine bar only, a cash bar is not cute!
  2. Be a groomzilla or bridezilla– the friendlier you are to your vendors, the more they will do for you. The crazier you are, the less they will be inclined to go above and beyond for you!
  3. Be unrealistic – know what you can afford and stick to that!
  4. Haggle – many wedding vendors own and run their small business and offer pricing based on their experience and / or product,respect that! The more you haggle, the less attractive it is to your vendor.
  5. Expect a Porsche, if you can afford a Honda – know your budget and spend the money on what’s most important.
  6. Blow all your budget on a venue– more and more couples fall in love with a venue, book it, then have very little money left for everything else! create and stick to your budget.
  7. Go DIY crazy!DIY means do it yourself – not your planner, not your mother, not your friends, you yourself! While DIY is a nice way to personalize the wedding, don’t forget it also means you create it, transport it and take it home, DIY = a lot of work!Expert Advice on the do's and dont's of Wedding Planning
  8. Forget to eat! It will be a very long day, so make sure you have the energy to get through it! Eat a big meal before you get into your wedding outfit and carry a snack bar for midday photos!
  9. Plan a Pinterest wedding– use it for inspiration, but trust your vendors to create something unique and beautiful just for you! Asking your vendors to recreate a pin stifles their creativity and will never be exactly the same!Expert Advice on the do's and dont's of Wedding Planning
  10. Let your parents take control– many couples get financial help from their families and while it’s important to make them happy, remember it’s not their wedding, it’s yours. Find out what’s important to them and make it happen without compromising you!
  11. Go overboard with your hair and makeup– you want to look like yourself on your big day, not a drag queen! Keep it simple, natural, beautiful and you!
  12. Feel stuck to tradition – weddings are changing quickly and should feel true to you. Don’t be stuck with tradition – bend or break the rules!Expert Advice on the do's and dont's of Wedding Planning

Photos by Spencer Lum (5 West Studios)

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